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Do the math on health care law

Published: 9:40 AM, 11/25/2013 Last updated: 9:40 AM, 11/25/2013

Source: The Newport Plain Talk

Dear Editor:


To Tennesseans, I heard the craziest thing yesterday that I do not make enough money to qualify for any assistance with any healthcare coverage. I thought that is what The Affordable Care Act was for, to cover people that could not afford healthcare insurance. Not in Tennessee or over 50 percent of the states in the country. That’s right, if you live in one of the 23 states that has a republican governor or only three states that have democrat governors and, if you make less than $11,400 a year, you get no coverage unless you go out and buy it yourself.

For me, when I went to look at what I would have to pay out of pocket it would be $216 a month, but this plan would not pay anything until after I pay the first $5,000 every year or $510 a month with no deductible. With my yearly costs of my personal healthcare it costs me $24 plus a bottle of aspirins a month with yearly cost of normal doctors visits of only $300. I would have to cover all these costs every year myself plus $2,600 for an insurance that covers nothing.

Let’s total all of my out pocket costs because of the new healthcare law. Before the law, $600 a year. Now, because of the healthcare law, $3,200 a year with a $5,000 deductible and a plan with no deductible would cost me $6,120 a year. How is that affordable for someone that makes less than $11,400 a year? This information can be found on these three websites:,, and


So get ready people, you will be finding this out for yourself if you fall in this category. Not only are people losing healthcare plans they liked, people losing good paying jobs, and now if you do not make enough money you do not get coverage but the all knowing government knows best for you. I spoke to Rep. Jeremy Faison. His reply to people like me is that this is a Washington DC problem not ours. I said it is because you chose on your own that this state would not expand Tenncare so we get no coverage in this state. I know there are people out there that are thinking well get off your butt and get a job. First I have a college degree in architecture and am presently back in college at 51 years old getting a new degree in hotel management.

Two years ago I had a heart attack followed by quadruple-by-pass. I had no idea I was sick. I was working at the time of my heart attack but because this is a right to work state I was fired because “I became unable to fulfill the duties I was hired for.” Since then, my doctor has never released me to be able to go back to work. I have gone back to work against my doctor’s advice after I found out about this healthcare garbage, found out on Monday, started my first day of work on Tuesday.

This is for all you people out there that think everyone that does not work can or should. Now because of my heart attack, I am stuck with over $130,000 of debt that has destroyed my wife’s and my credit rating. Back to the law, when I was talking with Mr. Faison I told him that when I attended Rep. Phil Roe’s town hall meeting back in August at that time he was saying there was no recourse if you did not pay your healthcare tax to the federal government other than not giving you tax return money back. The federal government could not put a lien on your property; could not go into your personal bank account and take their money. They could not take you to court. They could not jail you but they failed to tell you that they can take your drivers license away from you. That’s right. Hidden in this law states that if you owe the federal government over $4,000 you stand to lose your state driver license. You say I do not have a United State driver license. I have a Tennessee driver license so how can the federal government take my driver license away? Here is how. Just like back in the late 1970s, when the federal gov. wanted all states to raise their drinking age to 21 but some states refused because they relied on alcohol industry for jobs and tax base. In the end Wisconsin was one of the last along with Missouri to raise their drinking age. How the federal government put the squeeze on them was by withholding money for road construction. I do not know how many people know this but it snows a lot up there. So the states had to cave because they could not afford to lose that money. So how they satisfied the federal government was that anyone that was 18 before July 1, 1980 you could drink but anyone turned 18 after that had to wait regardless of what state you were from. If you think this can’t happen here, you are crazier than this law. Let’s say if this state has people that owe a total of millions of dollars to the federal government don’t you think they will do the same thing here?  So go ahead and stick your head in the sand because this cannot happen to me. Guess what, it can happen to anyone. Thank you and get ready for the fall out.


Dale Henne 

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