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Bait and Switch

Published: 8:07 PM, 07/26/2013 Last updated: 8:08 PM, 07/26/2013

Source: The Newport Plain Talk

Dear Editor,


It appears there is a "bait and switch" operation conducted by unseen powers concocting government policy. I only have clarity and vision on the broadcast side of the dividing line of the boundary that separates the "insiders" from the "outsiders." I, like most of you, are in the "outsider" group. We are impacted by government policy and if that policy doesn't benefit us, we're left to dancing around it's impact on us. My first realization of "Bait and Switch" came about with the Airline Deregulation Act. To compensate for the tremendous financial negative impact of job losses on airline employees, the law had a "protection clause" that would provide financial relief to an employee who lost his or her job if it was determined to be the result of the new law. The part of the law that deregulated the airlines came to realization but the part of the law that would have provided financial relief to displaced employees never came to realization. How could that be? One way to manipulate...just do not fund the law. Before a law is voted on, is the time frame for the opposition to raise their voices but when a proctection clause is part of the proposed bill, concerned parties are duped into believing their interested are being protected so this has the effect of silencing any opposition and the bill passes. So, the workers were baited with a never delivered promise while the "inside track" crowd got what they wanted.

Let's consider the Affordable Health Care Act. Now that the law is passed, we see certain parties getting an extension while the individual mandate remains intact. Why? Could it be that the law was intended to be a "Bait and Switch" from the beginning? Affected parties will get to see the impact as the law is implemented. At the bill's inception, the little guy was duped into thinking Medicaid expansion would bring relief to those struggling on the financial margins. Medicaid expansion, dubiously concocted, held out hope but it looks like Tennesseans that live on the financial margins won't be seeing any relief unless we change our state law makers who have failed to provide relief, such as our governor. That's because the law left Medicaid expansion to the state government to decide. Republicans are the party of the rich so that's bad news for the poor in our state.

I've been told by a source that helps the poor that those just making a little above the food stamp cutoff, are the ones really hurting, so if you make $1,500 a month as a single person, you have a real challenge paying bills and getting healthcare. "Bait and Switch" gets the hopeful excited so they'll support a bill and then the rug gets pulled out from underneath them after the bill passes. It looks like government by the insiders is trading the public trust for the "Sucker Punch." If you wonder why the basic needs of Mexican low wage earners are provided at the health department and food stamps for groceries, that's nothing more than "welfare to the rich." That's because their labor is good for Wall Street and the profits of business owners sot he taxpayer is subsidizing that part of our society that's out to make a bigger profit. I wonder what the real cost of our food supply is. If the subsidiary were calculated into the cost of food, what would that cost be? If you wish to respond to my viewpoint, call me at 423-487-0120.


Mary Greene


P.S.-I called the governor's office and was told our government is using the "insurance" stream to displace the Medicaid stream. In other words, our Republican government is going to place the healthcare money into the business community via insurance companies. No surprise there! After the insurance folks get their "take," will our benefits be sufficient or will we be left lacking? Now there's an important question to ask. Why didn't our government let the people vote on this after an education campaign?

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