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Please do not murder innocent, healthy horses

Published: 5:11 PM, 11/23/2012

Source: The Newport Plain Talk



As you might know or not know, the president signed a bill some time ago that Congress sent him to allow this country to have slaughterhouses for horses. There is also a bill that we want passed known as the "American Horses Slaughter Prevention Act," which would specifically "prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption." We cannot let our horses be processed as food; we must fight this tooth and nail!

There were nearly 100,000 American horses being cruelly trucked to Canada and Mexico for torturous slaughter this year. That works out to be more than 2,000 horses per week and nearly 300 per day. Many are draft horses because they are bigger and provide more meat and sell for more money. Even racehorses that don't win enough races are slaughtered. So they deserve to be murdered because they cannot run fast enough? After butchering, the meat will be served on dinner tables in Europe and Japan-some sliced thin and actually eaten raw. I know this is a lucrative business, but animal abuse is illegal! I will tell you I don't think, very strongly, that slaughterhouses will ever open here and our horses will never be slaughtered for human consumption in the near future!

In Canada, the "captive bolt" method is used. The bolt is supposed to render the horse senseless but have a high failure rate so repeated strikes are made. Can you imagine how much agony the horse goes through? The sickening results can be shredding of the eye-socket and the skull. More horrible pain and torture for the horse.

I cannot tell you how this whole process hurts me; I love horses, all horses. My eyes keep watering. Why does the government allow all this to happen? No horse is safe.

Many horse rescue organizations send me information on how they rescue horses from auction that the government rounds up. They cannot buy all of them so the "killing men" get the rest for slaughter. Some of these groups rescue horses that need medical attention, which they get. They all have to eat, some groups have 100 or more horses that also need shelter. Can you imagine how much all that costs? More than you think. I know how expensive my two are, how do they manage? When I can, I will send $20 or $30 to three rescue groups, how I wish it could be lots more. I constantly sign petitions for legislation against horse slaughter and human consumption. I know it all takes money, now in the western states they have very little hay due to a drought. The cost of hay is astronomic if you can find any. If anyone can help me help them, please call 423-625-1231.

As always, if you see or suspect an animal, any animal, of being mistreated or abandoned, please call Robert Brannon at 423-613-4004. Thank you very much.

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