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July 24 crime reports

Published: 9:31 PM, 07/22/2011 Last updated: 9:31 PM, 07/22/2011

Source: The Newport Plain Talk



Burglary and theft charged

Bryan Thompson, age and residence unknown, was arrested Thursday, July 21, at 8 p.m., and charged with burglary and theft. Police were told someone was breaking into vehicles parked at Walmart. Sgt. Jason Smith reported that he observed Thompson walking across the parking lot, holding something under his shirt. The offender allegedly told police he had gotten the CD player he was hiding from a white Mitsubishi. He allegedly said he just saw the window open in the vehicle, reached in, and pulled it out of the dash. The CD player was returned to the owner, the report stated.


Public intoxication

Burl Gillespie, 55, of 147 Tabor St., in Newport, was arrested recently and charged with public intoxication, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Violation of an order of protection

Steven Goehl, 24, of Jefferson City, was arrested Thursday, July 21, and charged with violation of an order of protection, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Theft under $500

Stella Dalton, 70, of Driskill Circle, in Newport, said on Wednesday, July 20, that her grandson's and granddaughter's bikes were stolen off the back porch of her residence. A bike lock was reported missing, as well. The BMX 20-inch boys Albyss bike is valued at $70, the girls' pink and white bike is valued at $80, and the lock is valued at $20, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Theft reported

Hugh Williams, 81, of Seventh Street, said that when he returned home on Thursday, July 21, the following items were missing from his tool shed: a Goodyear tire valued at $100, a wheel for a Ford Escape ($100), a car battery ($100), a battery charger ($100), and a box full of assorted wrenches ($50), Sgt. Jason Smith reported. The total value of stolen items is $450.


Assault alleged

A woman said that on Wednesday, July 20, at 11:30 p.m., she and Stanley Hawkins, 45, of Driskill Circle, were outside a residence on Graham Street when a man allegedly assaulted Hawkins. The suspect, however, said Hawkins was "very drunk" and tried to fight him, Capt. James Holt reported. The suspect said he hit Hawkins only one time. Hawkins allegedly told Holt he didn't want to take a warrant out on the alleged offender. Holt wrote that he observed Hawkins was "very intoxicated" when he talked to him at his residence.


Theft at CVS Pharmacy

On Wednesday, July 20, CVS Pharmacy's Jacqueline Myers stated that a white female with a white shirt and black shorts was in the CVS store, which is located at 346 Cosby Highway, with a buggy full of merchandise. The unknown female allegedly left a counter and pushed the buggy out the door without paying for any of it. In the buggy were Huggie diapers (worth $22,99), two 8-pack Bounty paper towel rolls worth $23.98, a Swiffer starter kit worth $12.99, a Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit worth $25.99, and two Tide liquid powders ($43.98), for a total value of $129.93, according to a report by Patrolman Josh Holt and Patrolman Donald Coakley.


Theft reported

Tim Coggins, 60, of Thrust Road, in Del Rio, said he was parked at Walmart on Wednesday, July 20, at 9 p.m. While in the store, someone stole his Igloo cooler out of the back of his truck while it was parked at Walmart. Video captured one of two boys who parked a black truck next to Coggins' truck and got the cooler out of Coggins' truck, and put it in the black truck. The tag number was captured, and the two suspects identified. The truck was identified as a 1989 Ford Ranger. The cooler is valued at $30, and the food in it at $20, Capt. James Holt reported.



Doyle Foshie, 60, of Senior Way, in Newport, said an acquaintance stopped by his home on Tuesday, July 19, and started an argument with Foshie. He said the offender kicked his door, damaging it. He also threatened to key his vehicle, according to a report by Patrolman Amy Elswick. The acquaintance fled the scene before officers arrived, the report stated.


Burglary reported

Taneka Dockery, 31, of Woodlawn Avenue, in Newport, said that between Wednesday, July 20, at 10 p.m., and the next day at 12:50 a.m., someone busted out the window to her residence, Patrolmen Josh Holt and Donald Coakley reported. The thief or thieves allegedly stole a Nintendo Wii game system worth $200, and several Wii games worth $300. A possible suspect was named. The total value of stolen items is $700, according to a report by the two patrolmen.


DCS contacted over children living with four dogs

Following a tip that there were four children living in an apartment with dogs, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported that after getting permission to enter the residence, he noticed dog feces in the floor and a strong odor of dog's faces and urine. Bailey stated that four children-ages 12, 8, 5, and three weeks old-were living in the apartment. He also saw four dogs in the apartment. Bailey wrote that he notified the Department of Children's Services to inform them of the situation.


Driving on a suspended license

Ricky L. Trouten, 23, of 2230 Sinking Creek Road, was arrested Thursday, July 21, and charged with driving on a suspended license, no insurance, and violation of the registration law, Deputy Sheriff Randy Cutshaw reported.


Contempt-failure to appear

Wesley Todd arks, 34, of 131 Upper Road, in Parrottsville, was arrested Thursday, July 14, and charged with contempt-failure to appear, Sgt. Tony Whiten reported.


Telephone harassment

Angel Lashea Lucot, 29, of 301 Mineral St., in Newport, was arrested Thursday, July 21, and charged with telephone harassment, Det. Bryan Murr reported.


Possession of Schedule 2 and Schedule 4 narcotics

Glenn Wesley Ford, 34, of 3544 Grassy Fork Road, in Hartford, was arrested Thursday, July 21, and charged with simple possession of Schedule 2 narcotics, simple possession of Schedule 4 narcotics, and possession of drug paraphernalia, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported.


Possession of Schedule 4

Adam Neil McKinney, 20, of 224 Wintergreen Drive, in Cosby, was arrested Friday, July 22, and charged with possession of Schedule 4, possession of drug paraphernalia, registration violation, and no proof of insurance, Deputy Sheriffs Joey Owings, Heath Willis, and Robert Thornton reported.


Domestic assault

Carrie Marie Myers, 23, of 1242 Highway 160, in Newport, was arrested Thursday, July 21, and charged with domestic assault, Deputy Sheriffs Heath Willis and Joseph Owings reported.


Chevy Trailblazer reported stolen

Jackie L. Freeman, 21, of Denton Road, in Cosby, told Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton that sometime between 11 p.m. on Monday, July 18 and 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 19, someone stole her 2006 Chevy Trailblazer from her property. Freeman said she had the keys to the vehicle in her residence. The vehicle is valued at about $10,000, Benton reported. The vehicle has On-Star.


Vandalism reported

Jamie James, 36, of Halls Top Road, in Hartford, came to the Cocke County Courthouse to speak with Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb about a vandalism. James said he was at the residence of an acquaintance on Farra Way, picking up his dog. The acquaintance allegedly came outside and accused James of sleeping with a particular woman, the report stated. He said he was putting his dog inside the vehicle while the acquaintance cursed him and allegedly kicked the passenger side front door. He then went to the Cocke County Sheriff's Department. Webb reported that about 45 minutes, Sgt. Robert Thornton arrested James for domestic assault and vandalism. James did have several photos of a silver vehicle with numerous dents. The damage was estimated to be about $1,200, Webb's report stated.



Angela Schuetz, 43, of Strawberry Way, stated that sometime between July 4 and July 7, one, or two, acquaintances put sugar in the gas tank of her 1998 Chevy S-10 truck while it was parked in her driveway. Schuetz estimated the damage to the fuel pump, gas tank, and all lines to be $150, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Mailbox theft

Tammy McGaha, 42, of Lindsey Gap Road, told Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton that someone stole her mailbox and its contents on Monday, July 18, or the next day. McGaha said someone stole her mailbox about two months ago, as well. The mailbox is valued at $100, Benton reported. Two suspects were named.


Mailbox and potted plants knocked over

Lori Dunnam, 53, of Caney Creek Road, in Cosby, told Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton on Tuesday, July 19 that sometime during the previous night, someone knocked down her mailbox and pushed over "a number" of potted plants. Damage is estimated to be $100, Benton reported.


Identification fraud/theft

David L. Parker, 48, of Old Sevierville Highway, in Newport, stated that on Wednesday, July 20, he went to National Bank of Tennessee to get a loan. He told Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey that the bank discovered someone had used two credit cards with Parker's name on them. Parker allegedly stated he has never used a credit card, Bailey reported. The amounts charged are $596 and $502.


Burglary reported

Michael Steven Suggs, 50, of Timber Trail, in Newport, told Deputy Sheriff Chuck Evans that on Wednesday, July 20, he heard a noise outside his residence around 5 a.m. and when he woke up later, he discovered someone had stolen five gallons of fuel and loose change had been stolen from his 1997 Ford F150 pickup truck. The loose change is valued at $40, and the stolen fuel is valued at $20.


Vandalism reported

Virginia O'Bryon, of Cosby Highway, in Cosby, said someone tried to steal a Jeep Wrangler belonging to Michael Whaley, 28, who lives at the same address. O'Bryon allegedly told Deputy Sheriff Chuck Evans that when she opened the door of the Jeep, she noticed the ignition switch was busted and broken pieces were lying in the floor area. The steering lock is valued at $200.


Breaking and entering, and theft reported

Elizabeth Williams, 65, of Cardinal Way, in Newport, stated she went into her bedroom on Wednesday, July 20, and discovered the following jewelry missing: one gold rope chain with a value of $1,600, three gold Masonic rings worth $1,000, two gold watches worth $800, one Herringbone necklace with a value of $500, and other items.


Theft of property

Theresa L. Miller reported to Lt. C.J. Ball on behalf of her son, Carl Wayne Miller, 15, that someone stole several items that belong to him from a residence at 1602 Old Asheville Highway, in Newport. The stolen items are valued at $1,053, Ball reported. The stolen items include a Nintendo Wii System worth $258 and various other video games, the report stated.


Theft reported

Linda Lacky, 47, of Coups Road, in Newport, stated that sometime between July 1 and July 14, someone stole a Poulan weed-trimmer out from her carport at her residence, Lt. Rick Laws reported. The weed-trimmer is valued at $75.


Vandalism and theft reported

Jessica Eller, 26, of Dykes St., in Newport, stated on Thursday, July 14, that an acquaintance came into, or broke into, the house they were renting from Geraldine Kennedy, on Haney Branch Road, in Bybee. The person allegedly vandalized and stole several items in the residence, which is a mobile home. Eller stated that the offender did extreme damage to all the ceilings and walls in the residence, apparently stripping out electrical wiring. The well pump was also allegedly damaged, Lt. Rick Laws reported. Items stolen or damaged include a Whirlpool refrigerator worth $300, a Hewlett-Packard desktop computer ($800), all copper wiring ($600), all of the tin underpinning ($400), a hot water heater ($300), metal front door ($300), and back door ($200), the report stated.


Theft reported

Vonda Grigsby, of Wild Cat Way, reported that on Thursday, July 21, someone stole from her property a 16-foot camouflage-colored boat worth $600, a camping tent that sleeps six people ($100), and a charcoal grill ($50), Lt. Richard Caldwell reported.


Theft reported

April Lankford, 23, of Marshall Drive, said that on Sunday, July 17, someone stole her Kodak Easy Share camera with a case and two memory cards, Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb reported. The loss is estimated to be about $230, the report stated. Lankford allegedly said she has suspects.


Break-in reported

Barbara Turner, 43, of Lindsey Gap Road, said on Thursday, July 14, someone entered her residence without her permission and took an I-Pod Touch worth $300 and a Hewlett-Packard laptop computer worth $1,092, Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb reported.


Theft reported

Dana Clark, an employee of Newport Utilities, reported the theft of utilities at a residence on Wilderness Trail, in Cosby, on Wednesday, July 20, Deputy Sheriff Chuck Evans reported. NU stated that the power had been stolen since July 8 up to July 20. The seal and boots on the meter were tampered with, and water put back on, the report stated. The power, water, and fees are $451.27. The landlord identified one of the occupants of the residence, but officers could not locate him, Evans reported.


Vehicle fire

Danny Dawson, 53, of Marshall Hallow Road, in Bybee, said that on Thursday, July 21, he was driving on Fowlers Grove Road when the oil light came on, Sgt. Robert Thornton reported. He said he pulled over at the intersection of Marshall Hallow Road and Fowlers Grove, popped open the hood, and discovered the driver's side of his engine was on fire, Thornton reported. He called 911, but when officers arrived, the 1990 Dodge Shadow was allegedly fully engulfed in flames. The vehicle, a total loss, is valued at $1,500.


Theft of a check

Christopher Shaver, 33, of Cosby Highway, in Cosby, told Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall that an acquaintance stole a check from him, signed his name to the check, and tried to cash the check for $100 at a bank. The bank notified Shaver when the person was there allegedly and fraudulently trying to cash it, Hall reported.


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