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Crime Reports of June 18-19

Published: 9:08 PM, 06/17/2011 Last updated: 9:08 PM, 06/17/2011

Author: Nelson Morais
Source: The Newport Plain Talk



Deaf woman gone from home for six days

A Newport grandmother said her deaf adult teenage granddaughter left home on June 9 to go swimming in Knoxville and as of June 15 had not made contact with her. The grandmother said the young adult left with an acquaintance and was supposed to meet other deaf people she is in school with, to go swimming. The grandmother, her guardian, said she was sent a photo of the teenager, who reportedly can only read on a second grade level, laying on a mattress on the floor with not much over her while she slept. The grandmother said she does not know where the victim is, whether in Knoxville or elsewhere. The grandmother said she had received two phone calls by people purporting to be the young girl's friends, but would not let the grandmother talk to her. The victim has a cell phone, but will not answer it, Sgt. David Crum reported. She also left home without a cleaning kit for her contact lens, which must be cleaned daily, according to the grandmother.


Driving under the influence (1st offense)

Cody N. Trivette, 24, of 2750 Russ Cornett Road, in Boone, N.C., was arrested June 16 at about 2 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence, Sgt. C.J. Ball reported.


Driving on a revoked license (4th offense), drug possession

Leonard Dwayne Keasling, 33, of 575 Travis Way, in Newport, was arrested June 15 and charged with driving on a revoked license (4th offense) and possession of a Legend drug, Sgt. C.J. Ball reported.


Driving on a revoked license

Donald W. Marshburn, 46, of 500 Peanut Road, in Parrottsville, was arrested June 16 and charged with driving on a revoked license, operating an unregistered vehicle (false registration), and financial responsibility, Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported.


Driving on a revoked license (4th offense)

Eric D. Ridenour, 43, of 4255 Indian Camp Creek Road, in Cosby, was arrested June 15 and charged with driving on a revoked license (4th offense) and driving after habitual motor vehicle offender classification (3rd), Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported.


Underage consumption, open container

Jonathan Ray Cardwell, 18, of 4627 Connie Town Road, in Cosby, was arrested June 12 at 11:15 p.m. and charged with underage consumption and open container, Deputy Sheriff Danny Hartsell reported.


Circuit violation of probation

Cory Shane Barnett, 21, of 2024 Marshall Way, in Newport, was arrested June 11 and 9:55 p.m. and charged with violation of probation, Deputy Sheriff Danny Hartsell reported.


Violation of court order/bond conditions

Ralph Paul Dubiel, 52, of 147 Cricket Hollow Road, in Cosby, was arrested June 9 and charged with violation court order/bond conditions, Deputy Sheriff Robert Thornton reported. Dubiel was allegedly arrested June 8 on domestic assault and had bond conditions that required he not be around his wife or around their residence. Officers found him sitting in a vehicle in the driveway of the residence, Thornton reported.


Aggravated burglary

Brenda March, 42, of Maple Lane, said that on June 15, someone broke into her residence. Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb observed a foot print on the back door. After opening the door, he found the doorframe lying on the floor. A table was empty where a Dell computer system worth $2,500 had been. Also missing was a red Epiphone bass guitar worth $400, a jewelry box with various items ($150), and a Kodak Easy Share camera ($100), the report stated. Damage to the doorframe is estimated at $100.


Damaged mailboxes/vandalism

Carl J. Carver, 66, of Jones Cove Road, in Cosby, said on June 16 that either the night before, or in the morning of June 16 someone ran over about eight to 10 mailboxes at his trailer park on the Cocke County Line Road, Sgt. David Crum reported. It is unknown what type of vehicle did the damage, Crum's report stated.


Theft reported

Teddy Keasling, 38, of Breech Way, in Bybee, reported on June 15 that on May 18, a suspect he named stole his ceiling fan valued at $125, and a classic country CD valued at $15, from his residence, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Violation of court order

A resident on Sunshine Circle, in Newport, said his ex-wife had failed to return their 8-year-old child back to him on June 16, Sgt. David Crum reported. The victim said when he called his ex-wife to check when they would be bringing the child to his home, the offender allegedly told him they were in Florida and would not be back until next week and so basically he had to deal with it. The ex-husband said it was the sixth time his ex-wife had done something like that. The victim said the ex-wife, by court order, was supposed to put in writing if the child is going to be out of town for any reason. The victim also said his ex-wife told him to call his buddies at the sheriff's department, that she was not worried about them, and that they would not do anything to her, the report stated.


Stolen mailbox

Jennifer Arms, 34, of Rankin Hill Road, said on June 17 that sometime during the previous night, thieves stole her mailbox and the steel post it was attached to, out of the ground, Sgt. David Crum reported.


Stolen money

Sandra F. Doelson, 64, of Old Greeneville Highway, said her bank started withdrawing $25.95 from her account without her permission, apparently on a regular basis, starting in May. She said she contacted the bank and they told her it was for an insurance policy. Doelson said she had tried to get the automatic withdrawal stopped, but the bank was "giving her the runaround". Someone at the bank gave her a phone number to call to stop the withdrawal, but she was told it would take a month to stop it. She said by then she would be overdrawn $100 or more, according to the report by Sgt. David Crum.


Attempted break-in

Angela Styles, 47, of Big Creek Road, in Hartford, said on June 16 that sometime between June 14 and June 16, someone attempted to break into her home. The suspect allegedly damaged the lock on the back door, and it had to be replaced. The suspect was unable to enter her residence. Cost of damage is estimated at $50. Styles said it was the second attempt to break in, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton reported.


Theft reported

Ronnie Barrett, 64, of Epley Road, in Newport, said a suspect who lived in his apartment on Armory Road, in the Southwind Apartments, left the apartment very dirty. Barrett said when he returned on June 16, the suspect cut the copper from the heating and air conditioning unit at the rear of the apartment. The unit was running at the time and may have been damaged by the removal of copper, Barrett said. A neighbor allegedly saw the suspect cut the copper. The total value of the damage is $3,500, Sgt. David Crum reported.


Theft alleged

Kenneth Ford of the Cocke County Road Department said on June 15 that sometime between June 2 and June 6, someone stole between 120 and 150 gallons of diesel fuel from a bulldozer and a track hoe, on Bull Mountain Road, in Del Rio, where the road department was working. Ford estimated the value of the fuel at between $500 and $600, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Phone harassment alleged

Bonnie Lyons, 24, of Battle Road, in Newport, said that on June 16, at 2 a.m. and again at 10:30 a.m., she got a phone call from a female who said she was stalking her. Lyons said the caller told her her date of birth, Social Security number, and previous charges Lyons had in court. Lyons said it was a private caller whose number did not show up on her phone, Sgt. David Crum reported.


Theft reported

Rhonda Bryant, 53, of Hurricane Drive, in Newport, said on June 16 that during the previous six to seven months, someone has stolen several items from her residence. She said she found one of the items, the Love's Embrace necklace, at Jewelry Connection and bought it back for $150. It is valued at $700. Other jewelry stolen includes a guardian angel necklace worth $200, a snowflake necklace with diamonds ($200), another necklace with diamonds ($400), a sapphire birthstone necklace ($250), and miscellaneous necklaces and a ring ($200), Sgt. Brian Holt reported.



David Presley, 41, of Stowa Way, in Newport, said on June 15 that a suspect he knows by name has been traveling by his residence on Stowa Way and also followed him through town on several occasions. Presley said the suspect continues to also call his phone and leave threatening messages. Presley said the harassment started over a female they both know, Ball reported. Officers later arrested the suspect on an unrelated charge.


Vandalism reported

Joey Parks, 53, of Mannings Chapel Road, in Del Rio, said on June 17 that sometime during the night, or early morning of June 17, someone drove by and threw two eggs that struck Parks' Nissan 350Z. Parks said he found egg shells in the driveway, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. Damage to the vehicle is estimated at $1,000.


Accident on Golf Course Road

Jeffrey S. Reed, 46, of Golf Course Road, in Newport, was backing out of the garage at 1326 Golf Course Road when he backed into a 2008 Ford Fusion that was parked driverless in the driveway of the same residence. Reed's 2004 Ford EPT sustained damage to the driver's side of the rear bumper. The Ford Fusion, owned by Cara Whitson, of Bloom Drive, in Newport, sustained damage to the driver's side of the vehicle.


Hit-and-run accident at Cosby Creek Market

Mark Whittenmore of Ball Hollow Road, in Cosby, stated that on June 15 he parked his 1996 Ford RNS pickup truck in the parking lot of Cosby Creek Market, and went inside the market. He said when he returned to his vehicle, he discovered someone had sideswiped the driver's side of the Ford with their vehicle and then driven away without notifying him, according to a report by Sgt. Brian Holt.




DUI (1st offense), speeding, open container

Deanna B. Gregg, 45, of 149 Lombardy Way, in Newport, was arrested June 17 and charged with DUI (1st offense), speeding, and open container, Sgt. Ricky Parton reported.


Pubic intoxication

Sandra K. Mayes, 39, of 103 Boones Road, in Newport, was arrested June 17 and charged with public intoxication, Patrolman William Garber reported.


Vandalism reported

Victoria Hernandez, 19, of Eighth Street, in Newport, said on June 16, after midnight, while she was in bed, she heard a loud bang, Sgt. Ricky Parton reported. She went outside to investigate and allegedly saw a white Honda Civic built in the mid-90's traveling east from her residence on Eighth Street. Hernandez said she noticed a dent in the trunk lid of her vehicle, a 2007 Nissan Maxiuma, under the spoiler, and an area where the paint was scratched. Hernandez said she was told someone paid an acquaintance to vandalize her vehicle. Damage is estimated at $1,000.


Burglary/vandalism over $500/theft over $1,000

Blake Shults, 29, of Golf Course Road, in Newport, said on June 16, during the day, someone entered his residence through the rear entrance and took $7,710 in property, including a Vizio 42-inch LCD TV worth $1,000; a set of one-karat diamond earrings ($1,200), a Pandora charm bracelet with multiple charms ($800); an X Box 360 with a kinect console ($600), and a Troybilt pressure washer ($400), Patrolman Joshua Veridal reported.


Vandalism and theft

Larry Wells, 66, of Netherton Drive, in Newport, said sometime during the night hours of June 16 or the morning hours of June 17, someone threw one of his flowerpots over the fence and broke it. The vandal also broke the other pot next to it, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported. Wells also said that on June 4, someone came onto his property and stole an antique metal washtub on the patio. The offender allegedly dumped the flowers out and stole the washtub. The flowerpots are valued at $20 each. The washtub is valued at $60, Vinson reported.


Animal at large/alleged dog bite

James Brough, 28, of Pates Hill Road, in Mosheim, said on June 16 around 10:35 p.m., he was traveling north on Musterfield Road on a street bike, and attempted to slow to make a right turn onto Larmie Circle, when a dog allegedly aggressively blocked his path, circled his bike multiple times, then bit him on his right shoe, which did not injure him, Patrolman Joshua Veridal reported. A friend of the dog's owner eventually corralled the dog one-half hour after officers arrived and ordered the dog be caught. Animal Control Officer Chip Rollins was called to the scene. He told officers this was a recurring issue, deemed the dog a vicious animal, and took the dog from its residence, to the Animal Shelter. The dog's owner was notified of his rights to later get his dog back, Veridal reported.


Counterfeit money found

Andy Gann, shift manager at Taco Bell, at 808 Cosby Highway, in Newport, said on June 16 someone put $110 in counterfeit money, along with a deposit slip, into the side of the money drop safe. Capt. Brad ball reported that Gann told him the counterfeit money and slip were discovered June 15.


Theft under $500

Lambette Conrad, 26, of Country Square Road, in Newport, said after she went to work at Walmart on June 13, and parked her car in their lot, that someone stole two of her antennae mascot/toppers from her vehicle. One was a Jessica Rabbit lookalike dancer topper worth $20, and the other one was a rubber duck topper worth $5, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported.


Burglary of an auto/theft under $500

Jennifer Finchum, 36, of Townsend Road, in Newport, said on June 16, while inside the BP station on West Highway 25/70, in Newport, that someone entered her unlocked 1991 Honda Accord and stole her purse. Items stolen include a gold baby ring worth $200, $25 in cash, and credit and ID cards, for a total value of $345, Sgt. Stephen Higginbotham reported.


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