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June 14 crime reports

Published: 11:33 AM, 06/14/2011 Last updated: 11:34 AM, 06/14/2011

Source: The Newport Plain Talk



Aggravated assault (two charges)

Ricky Ramsey, 54, of 3964 Lindsey Gap Road, was arrested June 13 and charged with aggravated assault (two charges), Deputy Sheriff Joseph Owings reported. Harold C. Putnam stated that Ramsey went to 3940 Lindsey Gap Road and put a pistol in his face and had a claw hammer in the other hand and told Putman he would kill him, the report stated. Putman told officers he was in fear for his life. Ramsey then allegedly walked over to Jerry B. Marler, held one hand behind his back, and the other hand had a claw hammer, which he allegedly used to struck Marler in his left shoulder. Ramsey also allegedly struck Marler's lawnmower he was riding at the time with his fist. Marler said he was in fear for his life, Owings reported.


Driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident

John G. McGaha, 64, of 221 New Cave Church Road, in Newport, was arrested June 13 and charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident, Deputy Sheriff Chuck Evans reported.


Failure to report to jail

Michael Shane Waldroup, 41, of 610 River Road, in Newport, was arrested June 11 and charged with failure to report to jail, Lt. Ricky Holt reported.


Violation of probation (two charges)

Matthew Lynn McGaha, 23, of 265 Clear Creek Road, in Newport, was arrested June 11 and charged with violation of probation (two charges), Deputy Sheriff Steve Johnson reported.


Driving under the influence, resisting arrest

Shysti R. Crum, 26, of 690 Highway 73, in Newport, was arrested June 13 and charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and violation of implied consent, Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported.


Driving under the influence (1st charge), open container

Audrey Ann Rice, of 1128 Tulip Way, in Newport, was arrested June 12 and charged with driving under the influence (1st offense), open container, and violation of the implied consent law, Deputy Sheriffs Heath Willis and Chuck Evans reported.



Amber Snoddy, 21, of 3403 Bass St., in White Pine, was arrested June 10 and charged with on a capias out of Greene County Sessions Court for failure of a drug test, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton reported. Snoddy was transported to the Cocke County Jail, awaiting pickup by the Greene County Sheriff's Department, the report stated.


Aggravated domestic assault

Tony Lee Nichols, 61, of 1640 Hannon Road, in Newport, was arrested June 11 and charged with aggravated domestic assault, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and public intoxication, Lt. Rick Laws and Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton reported. Nichols allegedly pulled a small handgun on his brother James a Nichols, on his property at 176 Jenoa Way, in Newport. James Nichols stated he knocked his brother to the ground, and after a fight and struggle, was able to get the gun away from his brother Tony, left in his vehicle, and called 911, the report stated.


Theft of medication

Jeffrey Hill, 52, of Jared Way, in Newport, said on June 13 that medication worth $200 was taken from inside his residence between June 8 and June 9, Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported.


Truck reported stolen

Christopher Stanley Black, 22, of Big Creek Road, in Hartford, said he last saw his 1995 Chevrolet K1500 truck at about 9:20 a.m. on June 12, and when his sister went to work at 5:30 a.m., the truck was gone. Black said the truck was parked outside his residence, and the doors were locked. It is valued at about $7,000, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton reported.


Theft reported

Edna Webb, 576, of 2306 Highway 32, on June 13 named two suspects she believes entered her bedroom while she was asleep and stole an overnight bag in her bedroom that had all of her jewelry in it. She said the suspects took the valuable jewelryand left the "cheap stuff," Sgt. David Crum reported. Webb said she found some of her jewelry in small boxes under her mobile home that the suspects had allegedly left and planned to pick up later. The jewelry stolen includes two pairs of diamond earrings worth $1,400, a diamond full ring worth $400, a gold watch band worth $800, a ladies small gold watch worth $450, and a two platinum bracelets worth $450.


Theft reported

Richard Dalton, 51, of Chavis Road, in Cosby, said $150 in cash and medication was stolen from his residence on June 12. He named two possible suspects, Sgt. David Crum reported.


Aggravated burglary/theft/vandalism

Daniel Frazier, 26, of Trail Hollow Road, in Cosby, reported on June 10 that sometime between June 6 and June 10, someone entered his residence and stole the electrical wiring out of the walls of every room except the bathroom, Sgt. Brian Holt reported. Frazier said he was in the process of fixing up the residence and did not have electrical power to the residence turned on. He also said he left the rear door to the residence unlocked. The wiring is valued at $300. Damage to the interior walls is valued at $2,500.


Vandalism and theft

Rickie Green, 48, of Maple Ridge, in Newport, said that someone entered his residence sometime between June 7 and June 10, and stole pictures, knick-knacks, and lamps worth $150, as well as a safe with $1,700 in cash in it, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Benton reported.


Theft reported

Steven Cameron, 27, of Robert E. Lee Drive, reported on June 9 that on June 2, someone opened the rear door to his residence, entered it, and stole a Brinks safe box that had $1,500 in cash in it, 10 gold rings worth $1,000, other gold jewelry worth $500, and other items, according to a report by Sgt. David Crum.


Theft reported

Rose Buell, 68, of Ala Circle, in Newport, said she returned to her residence on June 8 and discovered someone had entered it and stolen her medication. She said her front door was unlocked, Sgt. David Crum reported. She named a suspect and another person who allegedly waited in a vehicle while the suspect entered the apartment and took the medication, the report stated. There was no value given to the stolen medication.


Wallet reported stolen

Amanda McCarter, 23, of Fir Way, in Cosby, said that on June 8, between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., she was asleep and had left her wallet on the kitchen counter, Sgt. David Crum reported. McCarter said her husband was visiting some acquaintances, who returned to her residence with her husband. McCarter said when asked, the acquaintances said they knew nothing about the wallet being stolen and allegedly refused her husband to enter their residence. The wallet contained $50 in cash and several ID's.


Theft reported

Robert J. Wigle, 63, of Fairlawn, Ohio, said that on June 12, between 2:30 a.m. and 6 a.m., he let some women stay with him in the cab of his tractor trailer "because it was raining," at the Mt. View Truck Stop. He said when he awoke, the women and his wallet with $100 in cash in it were gone, along with debit cards and other ID's, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Theft reported

Amanda Case, 28, of Apostle Way, in Newport, said that on June 10, her wallet fell out of her vehicle near her mailbox. The said a neighbor found the wallet and returned it to her the next day. Case said she noticed someone had taken her personal checks, food stamp card, and Social Security card, Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb reported.


Theft reported

Lucas Ottinger, 20, said that on June 13, he left the swimming pool at the KOA campground, when he realized he had left his wallet there, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. He said he went back to get the wallet and found the money in it, $90 in cash, was missing. A witness named a suspect he said he saw take the money out of Ottinger's wallet and then put the wallet back where it was, according to Hall's report.


Theft reported

James Stiltner, 27, of Wild Acres Drive, in Newport, said when he returned home on June 13, he discovered someone had been in his Ford Ranger and his wife's Pontiac and stolen $10 in loose change from both vehicles, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported.


Threatening text

Amy Ball, 25, of Goodwater Road, said she received threatening texts on June 13, Lt. Richard Caldwell reported. Ball said a truck drove by her residence and someone in it shot up in the air and then drove off. A suspect was named.


Theft/violation of Order of Protection

Edith Marie Koger, 42, of Sprouse Lane, said a person she has an active Order of Protection against came to her residence on June 10, got out of his vehicle, and took the keys from her vehicle, Deputy Sheriff Steve Johnson reported.




Public intoxication

Renee C. Barnes, 19, of 770 Hiwassee St., in Newport, was arrested June 13 and charged with public intoxication, Patrolman William Garber reported.


Aggravated perjury

Natisha A. Mahoney, 23, of 245 White Oak Ave., in Newport, was arrested June 11 and charged with aggravated perjury, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.


Criminal impersonation, drug paraphernalia possession

Chynna M. Usary, of 122 Shiner Run Drive, in Newport, was arrested June 11 and charged with criminal impersonation and possession of drug paraphernalia, Patrolman William Garber reported.


Theft over $1,000

Diane Hurley, 56, of Robert E. Lee Drive, in Newport, said on June 11 that on April 27 an acquaintance told her her 10-Karat Kentucky cluster diamond ring had been stolen and pawned. Hurley found the ring at C&C Pawn Shop in Newport. The ring is valued at $2,000, Patrolman David Clevenger reported.



Regina Turner, 43, of Justus Street, in Newport, said her gas can had been stolen from her garage. She said she had $10 of gas in it. The gas can is valued at $10, as well, Patrolman Amy Elswick reported. The theft occurred between June 5 and June 12, Elswick reported.


Theft from Lowe's

Kenny Collins, an employee at Lowe's, at 120 Epley Road, in Newport, said that on June 12 someone walked out of the store with almost $396 of merchandise: three Duracell batteries (worth $33.81), two packs of Dewalt 18-volt battery packs ($198), and two packs of Porter cable batteries (worth a total of $164), Capt. Scott Lamb reported. A suspect was named.


Breaking and entering/burglary

Robert Gray, the owner of the Sign Shop, at 448 West Broadway, in Newport, said he closed his business at about 2 p.m. on Saturday, and when he returned on June 13 at about 9 a.m., he found the business door damaged and open, as well as damage to the door knob and door frame. Gray said he also found about $50 missing from the cash register, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported. The total value of damage is estimated at $600.


Burglary reported

Daniel Timothy Frisbee, 25, of Mount Ida, Ark., said on June 13 he parked his 2008 U-Haul cargo truck in the parking lot of the Family Inns of America motel, at 1025 Cosby Highway, while he was staying at the motel. At 7:30 a.m., he went to his vehicle and found the driver's side window busted out. Frisbee said his Sony Playstation 3 was stolen. The value of the broken window is $200, and the game system is valued at $375, according to a report by Patrolman Josh Holt and Lt. Terry Lawson.


Theft of merchandise from Aaron's

Malcolm Wilds, an employee of Aaron Sales and Lease, at 628 Cosby Highway, in Newport, said on June 13 that a man had leased a Mac laptop computer worth $613, beginning in February, and had first missed a payment on May 1. Wilds said the individual moved and took the merchandise with him, according to a report by Patrolman Justin Vinson. Wilds also said another person leased a 46-inch Sharp TV worth $1,642.78, and made their last payment on April 20, moved addresses, and took the TV with her. Wilds also said another customer leased a Whirlpool dryer and washer worth a total of $603, and made his last payment on March 16. That lessee allegedly told Aaron's the merchandise had been stolen. Finally, Wilds said a woman leased a Playstation 3 bundle worth $427 and made her last payment on March 15, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported.


Theft under $500

Sabonna Gabrielle Anders, 16, of South Cecil St., in Newport, said recently that someone stole her Nikon Coolpix camera and Sandisk 46B memory card from her residence sometime between May 1 and May 10. The items have a value of $300. Anders named two suspects, according to a report by Josh Holt and Lt. Terry Lawson.


Vandalism reported

Sherman Hudson said when he opened the Petals Florist shop, at 708 Cosby Highway, in Newport, on June 13 at 8:30 a.m., he found a brick laying in the parking lot that had apparently been used unsuccessfully to throw at, and break out, the front door glass. Entry was not made to the business. The burglary attempt happened between June 12 at night and June 13 in the morning, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported. Damage to the door glass window is valued at $200.

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