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Sept. 28 crime reports

Published: 3:24 PM, 09/28/2010 Last updated: 3:24 PM, 09/28/2010

Source: The Newport Plain Talk



Sale and delivery of cocaine

James Lloyd Pruitt, 50, of 235 Melton St., in Newport, was arrested Sept. 20 after the Cocke County Grand Jury indicted Pruitt on sale of cocaine less than .5 grams and delivery of cocaine less than .5 grams, on Aug. 31, Det. Derrick Woods reported.


Parole violation

John Alfred Norton, 56, of 1313 Sheila St., in White Pine, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with parole violation, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported. The city of Nashville had allegedly considered Norton "armed and dangerous."


Domestic assault

Michael David Miller, 53, of 1315 Blue Mill Road, in Del Rio, was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with domestic assault, Deputy Sheriff B. J. Forrester reported.


Manufacture of marijuana

Christopher H. Harp, 39, of 3544 Big Creek Road, in Hartford, was arrested Sept. 22 and charged with manufacturing marijuana, Sgt. Brian Holt reported.


Possession of Schedule II, drug paraphernalia

Randall G. Cash, 51, of 2212 Allens Chapel Road, in Parrottsville, was arrested Sept. 22 and charged with possession of Schedule II and possession of drug paraphernalia, Sgt. Brian Holt reported.


Theft over $1,000

Sean Gregory, 26, of 143 Misty Ridgeway, in Newport, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with theft over $1,000, possession of drug paraphernalia, and simple possession of Schedule 2, Deputy Sheriffs Robert Thornton and Joel Foust reported. Officers recovered a Ruger rifle, shotgun, two Winchester knife sets, seven watches, and assorted jewelry.


Aggravated statutory rape

Orlando Johnson, 29, of Newport, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with aggravated statutory rape, Det. Bryan Murr reported. Johnson was allegedly involved in a relationship with a teenage female for six weeks.


Theft under $1,000

Jared Michael Turner, of 1065 Old 15th Road, in Del Rio, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with theft under $1,000. Turner allegedly went to the Cocke County Sheriff's Department with Kobi Seay. Turner confessed he went to Seay's residence while Seay was gone and took a .9 mm Ruger P8S pistol and sold the gun, Deputy Sheriff Randall Hartsell reported.


Theft over $500

William John Helms, 30, was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with theft over $500. Helms allegedly stole power tools and other items from Tim Teffeteller, of Tree Road, in Cosby, that was reported Sept. 10. The victim valued the loss at $950, Det. Bryan Murr reported.


Public intoxication

James W. Phillips, 38, of 4270 Groundhog Road, in Cosby, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with public intoxication and violation of probation, Deputy Sheriff Joey Owings reported.


DUI and implied consent

Ernest E. Johnson, 42, of 4302 Blue Bird, in Gatlinburg, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with DUI and implied consent, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported.


Theft under $500

Lena Michelle Wood, 37, of 1170 Pack Way, in Newport, and George Raymond Millington, 33, of the same address, were arrested Sept. 26 and charged with theft under $500.  In addition, Wood was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, and Millington was charged with failure to appear, Deputy Sheriff Robert Thornton reported. The two allegedly went to a residence on Briar Thicket Road and stole a wooden swing off the porch that belonged to Terry Dawson. A witness allegedly saw the two steal the swing, called Dawson, and then Dawson followed the vehicle the two allegedly left in until officers were able to stop the vehicle on Highway 160, and the swing was recovered.


Aggravated domestic assault

Kelly Robert Lunsford, 28, of 970 Carson Springs Road, in Newport, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with aggravated domestic assault, Deputy Sheriff Joey Owings reported. Lunsford and his girlfriend Samantha Penn allegedly got into an argument. Lunsford allegedly cursed and called Penn names, threw a lamp, fan, and nightstand, destroyed the phone in the residence so Penn could not call 911, and also brought out a .22 rifle and threatened to kill Penn and her dogs, Owings reported. Lunsford was arrested at 970 Carson Springs Road.


Public intoxication

Brandon Harloff, 32, of 4269 Possum Hollow Road, in Cosby, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with public intoxication, Constable Derek Wright reported.


Theft over $500

Cheryl Mabe, 66, of Parrots Ridge Way, on Sept. 23 named a suspect in the theft of several pieces of jewelry with a total value of $689, Sgt. Eric Rinehart reported.


Theft reported

Robin Williamson, 43, of Moonlight Lane, said that while she was gone from her residence on Sept. 24, someone stole three TVs with a total value of $2,100 and a Wii Nintendo game system with a value of $250, Deputy Sheriff Randall Hartsell reported.


Harassment alleged

Mack Foster, 72, of Merry Way, in Parrottsville, said an acquaintance on Sept. 22 was walking his dog near Foster's property, and was cursing and screaming at Foster. He said the harassment "has been going on for a while," Constable Derek Wright reported.


Recovery of stolen TV

Fred Sievert, 45, of 4th Street, said he woke up on Sept. 24 at a friend's residence, went outside, and noticed a TV he reported stolen on Sept. 20 in the friend's yard, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. The 50-inch Panasonic flat screen TV is valued at $2,000.


Vandalism reported

Felicia Evans, 29, of West Broadway, stated that World Finance Corporation repossessed a Pontiac GFS on Country View Way on Sept. 24. The vehicle was vandalized on the inside and outside, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. The value of the damage is estimated to be $250.


Theft of chainsaw and weed trimmer

Eric Ford, 37, of Artell Way, in Newport, said on Sept. 24 that on Sept. 18 he went to his outbuilding on his property and discovered someone had stolen his chainsaw and weed trimmer, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. The Craftsman chainsaw is valued at $200, and the weed trimmer is valued at $170.


Theft under $500

Jamie Berryhill, 28, of Nutmeg Street, in Newport, said that sometime during the night of Sept. 25, someone stole a comealong and a winch from his truck was it was parked at his residence, Capt. James Holt reported. The comealong with a blue handle is valued at $25, and the winch is valued at $75.


Two motorcycles reported stolen

Roger Shelton, 57, of Holly Mountain Road, reported that he returned home on Sept. 24 and noticed two motorcycles missing from his shed. A chain that secured the motorcycles had been cut. Shelton said a relative saw a red pickup truck with the two motorcycles in the bed traveling at a high rate of speed just below Shelton's residence, between 12 and 12:30. The 2008 Honda CRF150R is valued at $5,200. The 2004 Honda CRF is valued at $2,500, Sgt. Daniel Conrad reported.


Driving on a suspended license

Michelle L. Park, 26, of Texas Way, was arrested Sept. 24 after Deputy Sheriffs Hollis Emmons and Tony Bailey were dispatched to her residence on a call that someone was tying to break in to the mobile home. While Emmons checked ID's at the residence, Park allegedly pulled up into the driveway. When asked, she said she did not have a driver's license. A check of her ID number showed the license was suspended, so she was arrested, placed in a cruiser, and transported to jail, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported.


Theft under $500

Dwayne G. James, 38, of 121 Greystone Way, in Newport, was arrested Sept. 20 and charged with theft under $500, Det. David Parton reported.


Theft under $500

William Stepp, 46, of Stepp Road, in Bybee, said an individual came to his residence to get some wheels and tires. Stepp said the person showed up after everyone else had left, and instead took about $200 worth of scrap copper and aluminum from the residence without Stepp's permission, Sgt. Eric Rinehart reported.




Suspect in burglary of business caught

Adam D. Griffey, 31, of 107 Sulfur Springs Road, in Newport, was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with the burglary of seven vehicles, burglary of a business, and theft over $10,000, Capt. James Holt reported. Griffey was allegedly observed inside the fenced area of Newport Tire on West Highway 25/70, on Sunday, Sept. 26, at about 10 a.m., when the business was closed. He allegedly ran from the business and was caught coming out of the woods behind Rusty Wallace Ford on Highway 25/70. Officers searched him and found a set of keys later identified as belonging to a rollback in the Newport Tire lot. Seven vehicles were broken into, and tools and saws taken from the vehicles. One dash in a vehicle was damaged, and the fence was cut to gain entry to the business. All the items stolen were recovered, Holt reported.


Theft under $500

Adam Santillan, 29, of 634 North St., Apt. 5, in Newport, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with theft under $500, Capt. James Holt reported. Santillan allegedly took a donation can from Walgreens and was observed walking on West Main Street near Feed My Sheep Ministries' soup kitchen. He had the can in his right front pocket of his jeans, Holt reported.


Threatening reported

Mark Allen Wilham, 48, of Texas Way, in Newport, reported on Sept. 24 that he had received threats via text messages about him from an acquaintance that were forwarded to Wilham, Lt. Terry Lawson reported.


Phone harassment

James Fredlaw, 78, of Prospect Avenue, in Newport, said an acquaintance had called his several times from Sept. 24 to Sept. 26, threatening to beat him up and destroy his property, and making racial comments, Lt. Terry Lawson reported.


Assault reported

Billy Boykin, 29, of Grandview Way, in Cosby, said on Sept. 26 that he got into an altercation with an acquaintance who allegedly punched him above his left eye with a closed fit, struck him across his right eye with a piece of wood with a sharp point from his shed, and pulled out a box cutter on him during the physical altercation. Patrolman Billy Woody spoke with the suspect who said Boykin was told to leave his residence and Boykin threatened the acquaintance, who chased him off his residence. The acquaintance said no physical contact was made and no weapon was involved in the incident, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.


Theft under $500

An employee of Murphy USA, the gas station at Walmart, at 1077 Cosby Highway, in Newport, reported a gas drive-off on Sept. 25. A young white male, about 20years old, allegedly pulled up in a maroon Toyota Corolla and pumped $24.42 of gas and drove away without paying for the gas, Lt. Terry Lawson reported.


Theft over $1,000

Sharin Rains, 45, of Piney Mountain Road, in Newport, named a suspect who she thinks vandalized her 1996 Honda Civic on Sept. 23, Patrolman Matt Franklin reported. An officer and Rains unlocked the vehicle and found all the papers in the glove compartment had been taken out and torn up, and there was a strong smell of a dead animal in the vehicle. The car stereo and speakers had been removed, and several items were missing from the engine. The radio is valued at $900, the speakers at $500, a high tech air filter is valued at $500, and a battery at $75.


Burglary reported

Sandra Paris, 54, of Myers Circle, in Newport, said that on Sept. 26, she was cooking supper in the kitchen when she heard someone enter her residence. She went to see who it was and found two unknown white males, who appeared to be in their 20's, dressed in camouflage standing inside her living room. One of the males allegedly told her that "Bobby" sent them to buy drugs from her. She told them she doesn't do drugs and they needed to leave the residence immediately. Both left the property on bicycles, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.


Theft over $10,000


Katherine McCarter, 50, of 4th Street, in Newport, said on either Sept. 25 or Sept. 26, someone broke into her home and stole assorted jewelry, a flat screen TV, and a computer with a total value of $13,300, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Theft under $500

Edna Worley, 76, of Red Oak Street, in Newport, reported that on Sept. 25, she was at Walmart looking at the items in the lawn and garden department, when a white male, about 28 years old, grabbed her purse she left in a buggy, and ran toward the Newport Town Center parking lot. Worley chased the male, trying to get her purse back. A witness who said she saw the theft chased the male to the Town Center parking lot where he got into a red Honda with a spoiler on the back and fled the scene before police arrived, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported. The value of the purse and contents is $250.


Theft under $500

Lakesha Lane, 37, of 8th Street, in Newport, named a suspect who, on Sept. 24, allegedly stole two rings she had inside a bottle of jewelry cleaner, Patrolman Heather Lawson reported. The jewelry is valued at $357.


Theft under $500

Zack Murray, 17, of Alex Street, in Newport, discovered on Sept. 23 that his PSP hand-held Playstation was stolen from his residence, Lt. Terry Lawson reported. It is valued at $75. A suspect was named.


Theft under $500

James Arnold, 69, of Musterfield Road, in Newport, said that on either Sept. 25 or Sept. 26, someone stole a five-foot silver windmill he had in his front yard, which has a value of $50, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Property damage

Haron Childs, 81, of Runnion Street, in Newport, told police that sometime during the early morning of Sept. 25, someone yanked on his front screed door, which was locked, and broke the latch. The screen door latch is valued at $40.


Phone harassment

Obie Bays, 44, of Ruble Street, in Newport, said that on Sept. 25, an acquaintance had been harassing him on the phone, Capt. James Holt reported. When officers arrived, Bays handed the phone to Holt. The suspect was on the other line and identified himself, but thought Bays was still on the line. The suspect said he was going to "whoop" Bays, and was cussing. When officer Holt told the suspect on the phone who he was, the suspect hung up the phone.


Breaking and entering/medication theft

Peggy Hart, 29, of Grand Drive, in Morristown, said someone busted out the passenger window to her 2003 Nissan Altima on Sept. 27. She told Sgt. Stephen Higginbotham that the only things she could tell were missing were two prescription bottles and a Cheerios necklace handing on the rear view mirror. The medicine is valued at $72, and the passenger side window is valued at $100.


Hit and run accident at McDonald's

Charles McNabb, of Lakeview Street, in Newport, said that on Sept. 27, his wife, Brenda McNabb parked his 2008 Ford Escape SUV in a parking place at McDonald's. As she entered McDonald's, she noticed a car backing into the parking place next to her vehicle striking it in the driver's side front fender. Police noticed minor damage to the Ford. The suspect allegedly fled the scene before Brenda McNabb could obtain any information from the vehicle, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.


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