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July 8 Crime Reports

Published: 9:02 AM, 07/08/2010 Last updated: 3:08 PM, 07/09/2010

Source: The Newport Plain Talk



Theft of property over $1,000, other charges

David Anthony Smith, 35, of 427 Cosby Highway, in Newport, was arrested July 4 and charged with theft of property over $1,000, vandalism, and public intoxication, Deputy Sheriff Randall Hartsell and Lt. Robert Caldwell reported. Smith allegedly stole a vehicle and wrecked it on Wilton Springs Road, and "messed up" a fence, the report stated. Smith left the wreck and was found at Seven Springs Market, where he was arrested.


Public intoxication

Joseph Allen Vaughn, 30, of 524 Orchard View Drive, was arrested July 4 at about 11 p.m. and charged with public intoxication. Officers were dispatched to Keys Road on several occasions about a suspect intending to burn down an outbuilding. When officers got on the scene, Vaughn was allegedly laying on the steps being loud, Deputy Sheriff Danny Hartsell reported.


Theft reported

Charla Atkins, 25, of Alla Circle, in Newport, said someone broke into her home on July 3, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported. Atkins said most of the items in the home belonged to her sister. She reported two 17-inch Toshiba laptops with a value of $1,600 as missing. She also found a note from someone interested in buying a vehicle sitting in the driveway.


Vandalism reported

Jason Davis, 33, of Chavis Road, said that on July 6, at about 9:45 a.m., he was traveling north on Cosby Highway when he heard a very loud pop and the passenger side window on his vehicle broke. Davis said he pulled over the vehicle and when he opened the passenger door, the window shattered, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported. The window is valued at $500.


Theft reported

Gail Vanlier, 64, of Spicewood Flats Road, in Del Rio, said that on July 3, someone stole her Ruger 357 Magnum from her residence, Deputy Sheriff David Parton reported. The gun is valued at $600.



Charles Shell, 59, of Johnson Street, in Newport, said that on July 6, someone took several items from his residence, Deputy Sheriff David Parton reported. The items include a Troybilt weed trimmer (with a value of $249), a Mother's Day ring ($249), a kid's bracelet ($199), and assorted jewelry ($2,500).


Theft/vandalism reported

Newport Utilities reported that on July 6, the power boxes on Harts Hope Drive, in Cosby, had been broken into. Darrell Hall said when he arrived to the location, he noticed the enclosure locks had been damaged on the boxes, the wire connectors cut, and about 2,000 feet of wire had been taken from the underground conduit, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported. Cynthia Hart said she saw the same vehicle in the area several times since April 23. The four locks have a value of $100; the wire, $2,500; and the 10 wire connectors, $1,000.


Attempted break-in at bar

Johnny Bennett, 36, of Dawn Lane, in Dandridge, said that on July 2, he had consumed too much alcohol at AJ's by the Water on Highway 25E, so the bar operator allegedly allowed him to sleep on the pool table for the night. Bennett said he awoke to a banging noise at about 5 a.m. and realized someone was breaking down the basement door. The burglar saw Bennett and fled downstairs and into a gray Nissan car. The damage to the door is valued at $300, Deputy Sheriff Steve Johnson reported. Four days later, on July 6, someone broke into the business and stole a Panasonic flat screen TV (with a value of $600), cash from game machines ($600), assorted beer in cases ($500), a bucket of quarters ($200), and damaged a personnel door ($250), Sgt. Brian Holt reported.


Theft under $500

Leon Frazier, 49, of Apple Court Drive, in Newport, said he invited 10 to 12 people over to his house for a cookout, on July 3, and the next morning he noticed his medication had been stolen, Deputy Sheriff David Crowder reported. The medicine is valued at $260.


Aggravated assault

Bonnie Smallwood, 73, of East Highway 25/70, said that on July 3, she was at the river with her family when someone she named took a stick and hit her in the side of the head, causing her to fall to the ground. Smallwood's daughter she her mother yelled at the suspect because he was threatening to hit Smallwood's granddaughter, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported.


Three grates missing from construction site

James Wise, a foreman for Simpson Construction, said that sometime between 5 p.m. on July 1, and 7 a.m. on July 2, someone stole three grates from a work area near the Bridgeport Bridge on East Highway 25/70, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported. The grates for a head wall are valued at $600.


Vandalism reported

Morgan Price, 18, of Old Sevierville Highway, said she noticed on June 28 that someone had spray-painted the back of her vehicle, a 2010 Kia, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. The damage is estimated at $1,000.


Theft, break-in

Thieves apparently broke into the home of Blain and Melissa Witcher on Fairfax Road, in Newport, sometime between June 26 and June 29, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported. Several items were stolen, with a total value of $12,865. They include a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, TV, kitchen table, ottoman, end tables, heirloom quilts, sewing machines, a microwave, and four boxes of laminate flooring.


Theft reported

Shawney Ball, 64, of Old Parrottsville Road, said that sometime before 11:30 p.m. on June 23, an acquaintance came by her home and told her daughter Ball had given him permission to borrow her Acer computer. Ball told Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis she did not give him permission to do that. The acquaintance walked into the house and allegedly walked out with a bag in his hands that had a laptop, other computer parts, a pistol, Playstation games, and a backpack, with a total value of $669.


Aggravated burglary and theft/vandalism

Brian Hall, 47, of Glendale Road, said he returned home on June 23 and saw two males with guns run out of his residence and leave in a 1990's red Pontiac Firebird, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. The suspects allegedly stole a Marlin .22 semi-rifle, gun cases, and other items. The items and a metal back door that was kicked in have a value of $817.


Theft reported

Kenneth Willis, 60, of Pappy's Way, said that on June 28, someone stole two tires and a battery from a vehicle in his yard. Willis said the suspect he named came to his house and had tires on his car that looked like the ones that were stolen, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. The tires and battery are valued at $135.


Vandalism reported

Angela Gorrell, 48, of Elena Lane, said that sometime in the middle of the night on July 2, someone tried to break into a Coke machine outside of the Cocke Estates office, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. No money was taken. The machine is valued at $500.


Vandalism of phone box

Pat Franklin, 50, of Grassy Fork Road, said that on either June 26 or June 27, someone jerked the wiring out of the phone box on her property, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. The phone box is valued at $200.


Vehicle reported stolen

Amber Washam, 29, of Sevierville, said that a person she named came to buy her 1989 Honda Civic so he could sell it for scrap metal. She told him she changed her mind and did not want to sell it. He allegedly returned later in the night and took the car without her permission to Mayberry Rentals in White Pine to sell it for scrap. Mayberry Rentals contacted her and told her they had her vehicle, which she values at $800. The title was gone from the vehicle, Washam said.


Theft reported

Shirley Fisher, 61, of Industrial Road, in Newport, said that sometime between 11 p.m. on June 23 and 12 p.m. on June 24, someone took her 2005 Dodge Neon without her permission, Deputy Sheriff Hollis Emmons reported. The vehicle is valued at $8,000.


Vehicle hits deer on Rankin Hill Road

Tracy L. Hill, 35, of Old Sevierville Highway, in Newport, said she was traveling east on Rankin Hill Road on July 1, at about 5 p.m., when a deer ran onto the road and into the path of her vehicle. Her vehicle hit the deer, causing damage to the front bumper and grill of the 2003 Honda she was driving, Sgt. Brian Holt reported.


Physical fight over child custody

A security guard, Clifford Sane, of CF Group, said a physical fight broke out in is presence in the parking lot of CF Group, on June 21, Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported. The 15-month-old daughter was present at the time of the dispute. The mother claimed the father was walking down Highway 25/70 with their daughter in a stroller and she was concerned about their daughter's proximity to the road and traffic. The father allegedly said the daughter was his child and he could take her where he wanted to, Deputy Sheriff Jason Oury reported.


Vandalism alleged

Victoria Whitlock, 46, of Ottinger Road, said that on July 6, someone shot out the window in her 1964 American Rambler while it was parked on Highway 321 at the West Road intersection, Deputy Sheriff David Parton reported.


Violation of order of protection

Emma Perry, 24, of Ravens Branch Road, in Del Rio, reported that on July 5, while her two children were at their father's house on Highway 160, a woman that Perry has an active order of protection against was present at the residence. The children allegedly returned home and told Perry the woman had been at their father's residence. Perry said she wanted the suspect arrested for violation of protection for her children, Sgt. C. J. Ball reported.


Stolen 1957 Hudson recovered

Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported that a 1957 custom Hudson stolen from Mary Ann Olivent, of Emerald Way, in Parrottsville, was a recovered from Hideaway Hills off of Clearwood on June 29. The owner was notified.


Accident on Rocky Bluff Road

Christopher Scott Owens, of Rocky Bluff Way, in Newport, stated that on June 24, he went out to his 1986 Ford F250 pickup truck to roll his windows down, then went back inside his home. His neighbor then came up and told Owens his Ford truck had rolled into his trailer, according to a report with the Cocke County Sheriff's Department. The 1986 Oakwood trailer at 154 Rocky Bluff is owned by David Newsome, of Highway 25/70, the report stated.


Vehicle reported stolen

Ruth St. John, 53, of Mill Creek Road, said someone she knows took her vehicle, a 2000 GMC Yukon, without her permission on July 4 at about 2 p.m., and did not return all night. She said the vehicle was returned sometime on July 5 around 12 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported. The woman said the person did not return the keys to her vehicle.


Attempted burglary reported

Jared Quick, 36, of Wiley Town Road, said that on June 28 or June 29, someone tried to open a window in the front part of his home. Quick told Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall that the would-be thief tore the screen off of the window and threw it on top of the house. He named a suspect.


Vandalism reported

Jimmy Owens, 38, of English Springs Way, said that when he returned home on June 28, he noticed the front door window and the door frame window had been broken with a piece of concrete. Damage to the windows is estimated at about $700, Deputy Sheriff Robert Thornton reported.


Theft reported

Jennifer Holt, 30, said when she left the store at Five Rivers Adventures, on Hartford Road, for a few minutes, she returned and found someone had broken into the cash register and stolen $150, Deputy Sheriff Robert Thornton reported.


Assault reported

Michael Brookshire, 38, of Keystone Way, said someone he knows came to his home on July 4 at 8 p.m., had apparently been drinking, and hit and assaulted Brookshire. The two men fought and then the person left the home, Lt. Richard Caldwell reported.


Dog bite reported

Linda Dixon, 65, of Patter Lane, said she was walking down the road from her house, on Allspice Way, when she passed a house and a dog ran out of the yard and bit her on the leg. The owner of the dog was listed in the report by Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall.


Missing person

Amy Murphy, 23, of Fairview Street, said on June 28 that her mother, Annie Monett Ball, 46, of the same address, dropped Murphy off at around 1:30 p.m. on June 22 and had not talked to her since then, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. Murphy mentioned a person she believes her mother left with.


Criminal littering

Cynthia Hart, of South Highway 32, in Cosby, said that between June 17 and June 22, someone dumped a sofa and chair on the property of Christine Zepatos, on Hope Drive, in Cosby. Hart owns the property, checks it often, and said trash has been dumped on it many times, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported.


Burglary reported

Roy Crisp, 69, of Applewood Road, in Newport, said when he and his family returned to their home on June 23, at about 11:30 p.m., they found the back glass to their residence broken out. The window was open and they noticed a TV and stand knocked over. The only items missing were two medicine bottles with prescription drugs in them. They said when they drove up the road they saw a brown late 80's passenger car leave from an abandoned residence next to their residence. The owners said they believe they spooked the burglars when they arrived home, Sgt. Armando Fontes reported. Damage to the window is $300. The value of the pills is $50.


Accident on Murrell Circle, in Cosby

Christopher B. Breeden, of Murrell Circle, in Cosby, said on June 23 he pulled into the driveway of his home to investigate an alarm that went off at the residence. He said he got out of his car, went inside the residence to turn the alarm off, came back out, and saw his 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt rolling away down an embankment, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported.


Accident on Woodson Road

Kelly Ailey, 24, of Wells Drive, in Newport, said that on July 3, at about 2:45 a.m., she was driving on Woodson Road near Battle Road, in a 2001 Honda UAX, when she pulled to the right to avoid a collision with a truck coming in the opposite direction. The vehicle ended up in a ditch, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harp reported.




Drug paraphernalia charge and arrest

Johnny Coleman, 30, of 1245 Fox Chase Road, in Newport, was arrested July 7, and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.


Fugitive from justice

Kevin L. Rosemeyer, 46, of 419 McGaha Chapel Road, in Cosby, was arrested July 7 and charged with fugitive from justice. Rosemeyer was apparently wanted for parole violation, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported.


Burglary reported

Christopher Robinson, 25, said that some time after 6 p.m. on June 28, someone entered his business by kicking the rear door open and took a 1957 Hudson Hornet car that was recovered the next day, Capt. James Holt reported.


Vandalism at Family Inns East

The manager of Family Inn East, at 1025 Cosby Highway, in Newport, told officers a man was staying in room 124 and would not come to the door. The manager said the suspect/guest called the front desk that morning, on July 3, and told the manager he had punched a hole in the wall. The value of the door is $200, Patrolman Matt Franklin reported.


Credit card fraud

Chris Ledford, 44, of Pocahontas Drive, in Newport, said that on June 25, he used his credit card to purchase an item on He said that on July 1, he received a call from Timothy Marshall in Jackson, Tn., who said he had received a package with Ledford's name, address, and phone number on it. He said his credit card had been used to purchase the item, a sound amplifier, for $119.95, from a company called Musician's Friends. Ledford said he had not purchased anything from that company. Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.


Assault alleged

Dorothy N. Austin, 42, of Scarborough, Maine, said she met a man named "Michael" at Ruby Tuesday on July 1 who said he was from California. The two decided to share a room at Family Inns on Cosby Highway. Austin said the men on two occasions grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. He allegedly said he would kill Austin if she called police, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported. Austin was advised on how to obtain a warrant if she wanted to press charges against the alleged offender, who left in a late 80's model Bronco with the rear window broken out.


Theft over $1,000

Chris Fish, 38, of Walnut Street, in Newport, said that sometime between June 29 and July 3, someone stole four tires and rims for a Lexus under the back porch of his mother's house on Walnut Street. The total value of the tires and rims is $1,200, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported.


Assault alleged

Hubert A. Stewart, Jr., 54, of Edgewater Way, in Newport, said that on July 2, he had a run in with two acquaintances, and that one of them pushed his car door back onto him, causing the door to hit his shin and causing a cut, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported. McMahan reported that he noticed the redness and small cut on Stewart's shin.


Assault alleged

Benjamin Lucot, of East Highway 25/70, in Newport, said that on July 4, an acquaintance he was arguing with cut him with a knife. The alleged offender said he told Lucot to get out of his house and that Lucot struck him several times in the face. He said that, out of fear from Lucot, he grabbed a kitchen knife and cut one of Lucot's arms, Sgt. Jason Smith reported.


Vandalism reported

James Ramsey, 60, of Need More Road, in Newport, said that on July 7, he was downstairs in his home and heard a window break and the alarm go off, Constable Nathan White reported. Total damage to the window is about $700.


Theft under $500

Lee Willis, 65, of Lennox Road, in Newport, said he put up an election sign for gubernatorial candidate Zack Wamp, at McDonald's, which was still there when he drove by on July 4, but that it was gone July 7, Patrolman Matt Franklin reported. The 4 x 8 sign is valued at $200.


Accident in downtown Newport

Selina Marie Ward, 30, of Matthews, N.C., was driving a 2001 Dodge Ram on July 1 at about 4:15 p.m., south on U.S. 321 (North Street) at Main Street, and stopped at a red light to turn right. Joshua W. Hickson, 20, of West Drive, in Parrottsville, who was also traveling south on North Street in a 2001 Ford Windstar, struck the Dodge in the rear side. Hickson stated he thought traffic had started when he moved and struck the Dodge, Sgt. David Smith reported. Ward suffered a "possible injury" and was taken by EMS ambulance to Mercy Hospital.


Seventeen checks allegedly forged by man's daughter

Angela Rollins, 28, of 316 Wiley Town Road, in Newport, was arrested July 7 at 9:4 a.m. and charged with 14 counts of forgery over $500 and three counts of forgery under $500. Sgt. Jason Smith reported that Det. Lynn Shults had 17 warrants for Rollins' arrest, for forgery, when she came to the Newport Police Department to turn herself in on the charges. Rollins allegedly forged the 17 checks for a total of $10,054 that she stole from her father.


Forgery reported

Lawrence W. Gourley, 64, of Seven Peaks Road, in Newport, told police he was contacted by Green Bank on July 2 asking if he wrote a check to Melia Clevenger (Bolin) for $200 cash. A clerk apparently noticed the signature on the check did not match Gourley's on file. Gourley said he had not written the check and that someone he knows took it from his home and forget it. The bank advised Bolin the check had been forged and she left the premises of the bank. The investigation was turned over to Det. Lynn Shults, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.


Theft over $1,000

On July 6, police were called to Laws Auto Sales at 407 Cosby Highway. Owner Ronnie Laws said that on the night of July 5 or morning of July 6, someone entered his locked storage building and stole about 25 tires. The approximate value of each tire is $125, Laws said. The total loss is $3,125 in tires, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported.


Theft over $500

Clyde Burgess Jr., 47, of Sulphur Springs Road, in Newport, told police that between June 21 and June 26 he passed out drunk at 610 River St. He said a white man in his mid-50's and a white woman in her mid-20's stole his Citizen National Bank debit card and Verizon cell phone. They then allegedly took $400 out from an ATM in Newport using Burgess's debit card. The phone is valued at $150, Patrolman Justin Vinson reported.


Lost or stolen WIC checks

Kaley Morrissey, 26, of Travis Way, in Newport, said that while shopping at Walmart on July 1, she accidentally left her checkbook with eight of her WIC checks in a shopping buggy. She told Sgt. Jason Smith that when she returned to the store, the checks were gone.


Assault/theft under $500

Lisa Shults, 31, of 8th Street, in Newport, said that on July 7, an acquaintance she was having a conversation with, while she was on her way to Brock's Market, smacked her across the left side of her face with an open hand and took $50 she was holding, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported. In a separate report, Shults said that another acquaintance had made verbal threats on the phone and told her that "he's going to beat her like a man," McMahan reported.



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