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Oct. 18 crime reports

Published: 10:11 AM, 10/20/2009

Author: Nelson Morais
Source: The Newport Plain Talk


Arrested and charged with failure to appear and capias
William Lance Gunter, 30, of 40 Painter Road, in Chuckey, was arrested Thursday, Oct. 15, and charged with failure to appear and capias, Deputy Sheriff David Parton reported.

DUI 2nd offense and driving on a revoked license
Frank Eastman, 66, of 945 Dawn Valley Road, in Parrottsville, was arrested Thursday, Oct. 15, and charged with DUI 2nd offense and driving on a revoked license after police officers were dispatched to a residence on Dawn Valley Road on a report of a wreck with injuries. Eastman refused medical attention, failed two field sobriety tests, was read his rights and the implied consent law and took a blood test. He allegedly told officers he had had six beers, apparently before the accident, Deputy Sheriff Joseph Owings reported.

Capias out of Circuit Court in Cocke County
Sherry Jackson, 35, of Middle Creek Road, in Cosby, was charged Wednesday, Oct. 14, with a capias out of Circuit Court in Cocke County for four counts of identity theft of a credit card less than $500, Lt. Richard Caldwell reported.

Arrested for aggravated criminal trespass
John J. Wiedman, 41, of 260 Filbert St., in Newport, was arrested Wednesday, Oct. 14, and charged with aggravated criminal trespass, Deputy Sheriff C. J. Ball reported.

Arrested for domestic assault
Anthony C. Brockwell, 31, of 175 Irish Cut Road, in Newport, was arrested Thursday, Oct. 15, and charged with domestic assault, Deputy Sheriff C. J. Ball reported. Brockwell allegedly kicked the feet out from underneath a close acquaintance, causing her to fall to the ground.

Driving on a suspended license
Edward Carl Pitts, 23, of 2435 Oakwood Road, was arrested Wednesday, Oct. 14, and charged with driving on a suspended license, Constable Danny Hartsell reported.

Burglary of auto and theft over $500
Melinda Goins, 26, of Loren Lane, in Dandridge, said someone stole $900 in cash, medication, and other items from her 2002 Buick SUV on Tuesday, Oct. 13, while it was parked in front of 641 Myers Circle, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported.

Stolen vehicle recovered
Police were called to the Best Western Inn on the Cosby Highway concerning an abandoned 2004 Nissan pickup truck in the back parking lot of the inn. The vehicle had no tag and a key in the ignition. Officers called in the vehicle identification number (VIN) that dispatch said was stolen from Myrtle Beach, in S.C., on or about Sept. 6. The vehicle was valued at $10,000, Det. Lynn Shults reported.

Burglary and theft
Edward Pruitt, 621, of the Terrace Apartments in Newport, said that on Wednesday, Oct. 14, someone stole a 32-inch Vizio flat screen TV from his home that he valued at $550, Capt. James Holt reported.

Assault and violation of order of protection
Aubrey Seay, 35, of Oneil Road, in Cosby, said that on Wednesday, Oct. 14, she got in an argument with an acquaintance who allegedly shoved Seay in the chest area with her hands, Sgt. David R. Smith reported.

Counterfeit currency
Vinson Lane, a store clerk at Citgo Market, at 372 West Broadway, in Newport, said that on Wednesday, Oct. 14, a 48-year-old white male tried to make a purchase with a counterfeit $5 bill. The offender said he did not realize it was a fake, and that he got it when he cashed his payroll check earlier that day, Sgt. David R. Smith reported.

Recovered stolen property
Capt. Ronnie Landers reported that on Wednesday, Oct. 14, he retrieved a stolen gun at Dixie Pawn Shop that had been pawned on Sept. 16 by Samson J. Mayes, of Dandridge. Someone allegedly tried to pick up the rifle, which a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) check showed it to be stolen. It was reported stolen to the Greene County Sheriff's Department on Feb. 25.

Theft under $500 at Game Stop
Jenny Brown, of Game Stop, at 146 Newport Towne Center, in Newport, said that on Oct. 14, two people she knew by name entered the store. One of them proceeded to take a Game Stop controller out of the package, conceal it, and leave the store. It was valued at about $25, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.

Verbal threats to bus driver
Kelly Potter, a bus driver for the Cocke County School System, said a student on his bus opened the emergency door on his bus while en route on Wednesday, Oct. 14. That caused Potter to have to stop the bus and reset the alarms. Potter told police he told the student, who is either 16 or 17, that if the window of his bus fell out, he would press charges against the student. Potter said the student began cussing him and dated him off the bus to fight. The student's mother then came out and began cussing Potter and kids on the bus, so he left the scene and contacted the police, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.

Counterfeit $50 bill passed
Tami Cody, manager of Dollar General at 460 Eastern Plaza, in Newport, said an elderly woman could be seen on security video handing a cashier a single $50 bill. Cody said she did not know it was counterfeit until she went to get a deposit from the store's bank, which confiscated the counterfeit bill. The elderly woman bought a belt, one gallon of milk, a picture frame, toilet paper, and received $28 in change.

Vehicle rolls backwards off driveway and into a tree
Frank Eastman, 66, of 945 Dawn Valley Road, in Parrottsville, said he went up a driveway in his 2003 GMC pickup truck, parked it, and when he tried to leave, it went backwards down the driveway, off the left side, and came to rest against a tree on the driver's side, according to a report by the Cocke County Sheriff's Department.

Accident in parking lot of Carver's Apple House
Alonzo McGaha, 81, of 2720 Hartford Road, in Cosby, was allegedly maneuvering his 2005 Buick close to the rear of a parked and unoccupied 2003 Honda Pilot owned by Matthew R. Hensley, of 4677 Hooper Highway, in Cosby, on Thursday, Oct. 15, when his vehicle sideswiped a tow bar attached to the rear of the Honda Pilot, Deputy Sheriff Brian Holt reported. The Buick sustained damage to the passenger side, but there were no visible signs of damage to the Honda Pilot.

Hit and run on Highway 321
Justin Lelitson, 20, of 588 Bonanza Drive, in Newport, was driving south in a 1998 Ford Explorer SUV on Thursday, Oct. 15, when an unknown driver in a white 1987 or 1988 F-150 pickup truck, hit the rear of the SUV, then drove off, Lt. Robert Caldwell reported.

Accident off of Woodson Road
Charles S. Hall, 25, of 157 Lamp Way, in Newport, was driving a 2002 GMC Sonoma pickup truck, headed west on Woodson Road, on Thursday, Oct. 15, at about 7 a.m., when the rear of the vehicle slid to the right. Hall said his truck went off the road, up onto a bank and was on two wheels before he jerked it to the left and the vehicle allegedly shot straight into the bank on the left side of the road, Deputy Sheriff David Crowder reported.

Accident on Fine Street
Alexis N. Gray, 30, of 660 Corral Road, in Newport, was in an accident on Thursday, Oct. 15, on Fine Street at Old Sevierville Highway. Gray was driving a 1995 Ford Taurus, Deputy Sheriff C. J. Ball reported.

Chap stick blamed for accident
Jason L. Yates, 25, of 1309 Main St., in White Pine, was driving a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu near 3232 Big Creek Road, on Sunday, Oct. 11, when he tried to get his Chap stick out of his left pocket, and veered across the center line of the road and struck a 2004 Nissan Sentra in its lane of travel. The Sentra was driven by Christine Black Jenkins, 56, of 4305 Big Creek Road, in Hartford, Deputy Sheriff Hollis Emmons reported. No one was injured.

One injured in accident on Cosby Highway at Hopkins Road
Roy B. Whitted, 71, of Jones Cove Road, in Sevierville, was traveling south on Cosby Highway in a 2001 Toyota Camry on Tuesday, Oct. 13, when he slowed or stopped to turn left onto Hopkins Road. Taylor A. Valentine, 16, of Wildwood Drive, in Cosby, said she braked her 1999 Nissan Sentra, but it skid and collided with the Toyota Camry. Both came to rest in the southbound lane of Cosby Highway, and facing south, Deputy Sheriff Timothy N. Snapp reported. Whitted was injured.

Accident on South Highway 321
Randy Ray Ramsey, 32, of Giles Road, in Cosby, said he was driving a 1998 Ford Taurus headed north on South Highway 321, near Miller Creek Road, on Sunday, Oct. 11, at about 5:40 a.m., when a dark-colored car allegedly came into his lane, Deputy Sheriff Randall Hartsell reported. Ramsey said he swerved to miss the other vehicle and went off the left side of the road, going off a two-foot embankment and coming to rest in a field near a light pole. He was not injured.

Aggravated burglary/theft reported
Edward S. Lewis, 30, of Cheyenne Circle, in Cosby, said someone stole his Samsung 32-inch flat screen TV from his home on either Wednesday, Oct. 14, or the next day, Deputy Sheriff Brian Holt reported. The TV and remote were valued at $1,000.

Theft under $500
Carl Hartung, 74, of Clear Creek Road, in Newport, said he noticed on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 15, that someone had stolen his gas grill, which he valued at $250, Deputy Sheriff David Crowder reported.

Aggravated burglary/theft over $500
Roger D. Smith, 56, of North Highway 340, in Parrottsville, named a suspect in the theft of several items from his home that he discovered on Thursday, Oct. 15, Deputy Sheriff David Crowder reported. Stolen were a Heritage .22 magnum pistol valued at $125, a Jennings 380 pistol valued at $100, a 1971 Parrottsville High School Ring valued at $300, and a belt and holster valued at $50. Two damaged window screens were valued at $50.

Break-in reported
John Preston, 38, of Knoll Drive, in Newport, said several items were taken from his garage when someone broke into it around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14, Lt. Rick Laws reported. Reported stolen were a Poulan Pro chainsaw with case (valued at $159), a Black & Decker drill with case ($100), three Black & Decker standers with case ($100), a Dewalt skill saw with case ($75), a Black & Decker jigsaw with case ($30), an electric Dewalt nail gun ($180), a Coleman walking stick ($10), and an Arrow air gun ($200). A broken window was valued at $100.

Counterfeit $5 bill
Joseph Williams, 47, of Cosby Highway, allegedly handed Marissa Henderson, a cashier at Murphy USA (1077 Cosby Highway), a $5 bill on Wednesday, Oct. 14, to pay for merchandise, and the bill marked fake, Patrolman Heather Lawson reported. Williams told police he had just received the bill as change from a restaurant.

Threat of assault alleged
Virgil Manos, 42, of Armory Road, in Newport, said that on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at about 9 a.m., he received a phone call from a staff person at God's Storehouse asking Manos if he broke out the windows of a delivery truck parked behind the ministry during the previous night. Manos said he did not. The staff person then allegedly threatened to harm him if he finds out Manos is guilty, Deputy Sheriff Derrick Webb reported.

Counterfeit $5 bill
Gregory Ray Caughron, 23, of Locust Street, in Newport, said when he tried to pay for some items at the Citgo store, he discovered the five-dollar bill he used was counterfeit. Caughron said he was not sure where he received the counterfeit bill, but that, possibly, he got it at a beauty shop, Patrolman William Garber reported.

Counterfeit $10 bill confiscated
Glenn H. Dyke, 65, of Marshall Hollow Road, in Bybee, allegedly tried to pay for food at Long John Silver's, at 116 East Broadway, in Newport, on Sunday, Oct. 11, with a counterfeit $10 bill. He told Sgt. Jason Smith he did not realize it was a fake until he attempted to pay for his meal at Long John Silver's.

Toyota pickup truck reported stolen
Justin Spurgeon, 21, of Ponce Valley Road, in Sevierville, said between 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and 9 a.m. on the next day, someone stole his 1987 Toyota pickup truck, colored green and black, with a dog box in the bed. Sgt. Eric Rinehart wrote in his report that the vehicle was estimated to be worth about $2,500.

Burglary reported
Samantha D. Roberts, 29, of Clevenger Cut-off, said that a close relative of hers allegedly pushed an air conditioner out of a window, entered the home, and took 12 Xbox games valued at $300, and an Xbox game system valued at $200, Sgt. Eric Rinehart reported.

Burglary reported
Tommy Edwards, 75, of Variety Drive, said that on Tuesday, Oct. 13, or the next day, someone pried open the locks on two outbuildings of his, causing minor damage. Nothing was reported stolen. Damage was estimated at $107.

Vehicle set on fire found abandoned
Kevin Grogg, of Knoll Drive, in Newport, owns a 1986 BMW 325 that was found on the side of the road on Industrial Road, on Wednesday, Oct. 14. It had been set on fire. It was reported stolen the day before. The driver's seat suffered fire damage, Sgt. Eric Rinehart reported.

Accident on New Cave Church Road
Edgar Ed Parks, 71, of 140 Highway 160, in Newport, said he pulled out onto New Cave Church Road to turn left, in a 1984 Dodge Ram pickup truck, on Monday, Oct. 12, when he hit a 1993 Buick Roadmaster in the side. Lance W. Hickman, 23, of 171 New Cave Church Road, in Newport, drove it Deputy Sheriff David Crowder reported.

Counterfeit money
Sue Lane, manager of Gas & Go at 415 East Plaza, in Newport, said Jamie Dwayne Reed, 37, tried to pay for gas with a counterfeit $5 bill, on Monday, Oct. 12. Reed said he might have received the counterfeit bill at the Tobacco Shop, or Walmart, on Saturday, Oct. 10, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported.

Vandalism reported
Dwayne Shelton of Sheltons Market, at 580 South Highway 107, in Del Rio, said that either Friday, Oct. 16, after 9 p.m., or on the next day, before 6 a.m., someone threw eggs at the front door of the store and one window. Someone also spun around in the back yard of the store, Lt. Rick Laws reported.

Would-be burglar flees
Sherly Bakker, 69, of Lower Bogard Road, in Newport, reported that an acquaintance of his was on Bakker's porch when he heard a loud noise behind the trailer, walked around to the back, and saw a heavy set male running away. The door to a camper in the back was open, but nothing was stolen, according to a Cocke County Sheriff's Department report.


Two arrests on Mineral Street
Melissa J. Dickerson, 47, of 301 Mineral St., in Newport, was arrested at 245 Mineral St. on Thursday, Oct. 15, at 9 p.m. after officers found him sitting in the living room, Patrolman Billy Woody reported. Dickerson was charged with three counts of theft under $500, two forgery counts, a failure to appear, and jail escape. Also arrested at the same time in the same location, with the same home residence as Dickerson, was Alisha P. Evans, 19. She was charged with 12 counts of theft under $500 and 10 forgeries. She was found in the bedroom, Capt. James Holt reported. Both had active warrants on them from Sessions Court of Cocke County. The owner of the home at 245 Mineral Street, Glen Keller, was present.

Fraud at Security Finance reported
Chad Lowe, an employee of Security Finance, at 136 Five Rivers Plaza Way, in Newport, on Thursday, Oct. 15, said that on Sept. 2 he did a loan for an individual he thought was Jason Adams, but later discovered Jason Adams is in prison and his brother, Johnny Adams, was using Jason's ID and social Security number to fraudently obtain a loan from the company, St. Jason Smith reported. The loan was valued at $360.

Simple possession of marijuana, theft under $500
Kelly D. Saylor, 20, of 315 Dykes St., in Newport, was arrested Saturday, Oct. 17, at 2:20 a.m. at Brocks Market, at 601 East Broadway, in Newport and charged with concealing $2.50 worth of food items in a bag and attempting to leave the store without paying, Sgt. David Smith reported. A pat down revealed a plastic bag in a jeans pocket with a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana.

Theft over $500 and criminal trespass
Joey W. Hill, 28, of 5306 Ravens Branch Road, was arrested at Walmart, at 1075 Cosby Highway, on Friday, Oct. 16, and charged with theft under $500 and criminal trespass, Sgt. David Smith reported.

Violation of probation and theft under $500
Brittany N. Mulvihill, 21, of 202 Sulphur Springs Road, in Newport, was arrested Friday, Oct. 16, and charged with violation of probation and theft under $500. She was arrested at 570 Overlook Trailer Park, Patrolman Billy Woody reported.

Theft of medication/fraud alleged
Jamie Michael Mckeeham, 32, of Riviera Drive, in Newport, named two suspects who may have fraudently filled his prescriptions, while he was stationed in Indiana, on April 30 and May 23. Mckeeham said he did not give anyone permission to get his prescription nor permission to sign his name to any form at CVS for medication, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported. A total of 120 pills were fraudently obtained.

Violation of court order
Jacqueline Rogers, 36, of Big Spring Road, in Newport, said an acquaintance violated a court order that prohibits any contact with Rogers on Wednesday, Oct. 14, while Rogers was visiting a relative at Costner-Maloy Funeral Home, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Accident at Exxon gas station
Carroll L. Daniels, of Gregg Lane, in Newport, said that on Friday, Oct. 16, he stopped his 2000 Chevrolet Malibu at the Exxon station at 440 West Broadway, in Newport, to get a few items. When he got home, he discovered the passenger side rear of his vehicle had been damaged, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Accident may have happened at Walmart parking lot
Hoyle J. Spence, of Sorrell Way, in Newport, went to the Newport Police Department on Friday, Oct. 16, to report a car accident. He said he went to several places on the date of the accident, on Friday, Oct. 9, but believes it may have happened in the Walmart parking lot. The vehicle had damage t its right side door and back door, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported.

Medication reported stolen
Harry Edward Hatcher, 54, of Tedder Drive, in Newport, said someone stole $40 worth of medication from his home on Thursday, Oct. 15, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.

Wallet and contents reported stolen
David Tritt, 62, of Eighth Street, in Newport, said that on Friday, Oct. 16, while he was asleep, someone entered his home and stole his wallet. The total value of items in the wallet, including the wallet, were valued at $85, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.

Purse snatched from elderly woman
Janie Shahan, 65, of 8th Street, in Newport, said that she witnessed an acquaintance grab Shahan's purse off her walker and run out the front door with, on Thursday, Oct. 15, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported. Included in the pocketbook was $900 in cash from a Social Security check she had just cashed, a pocket knife (valued at $9), and a social security card.

Checkbook and debit card reported stolen
Grace Hill, 78, said while she was in Walmart on Thursday, Oct. 15, someone took her checkbook and debit card out of her purse unnoticed by Hill, Sgt. Jason Smith reported.

Burglary theft over $500
Chad Wallace said someone stole six money bags and $800 in them from his truck while he was inside Walmart on the Cosby highway filling Coke machines, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported. Wallace, of Bean Station, was working for Roddy Coca Cola Company I.N.C. in Knoxville.

Theft at Newport Pawn shop
Jonathan Thornton named an individual he said came into the Newport Pawn shop at 511 West Broadway, in Newport, where Thornton works on July 20, borrowed a chainsaw for sale for two days, but has not returned it in three months, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported. It was valued at $100.

Theft of gold coins and medication
Lanny Johnson, 45, of Alex Street, in Newport, said that while he was gone for a few hours on Wednesday, Oct. 14, someone got into his safe and stole four gold coins (valued at $100 each), and $60 of medication, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Another theft at Newport Pawn shop reported
Jonathan Thornton said that while he was working at Newport Pawn shop at 511 West Broadway, in Newport, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, someone stole a money bag worth $20 that had three titles to vehicles and one title to a trailer in it, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported. All items were valued at a total of $120.

Accident in Newport Grammar School parking lot
Michael Proctor Sr., 62, of 1747 Fairfax Road, in Newport, said that on Friday, Oct. 16, at 8 a.m., in the parking lot of Newport Grammar School, he backed his 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV into the front of a 2006 Nissan owned by Shena Odell, of 5203 Jones Cove Road, in Cosby, Sgt. Jason Smith reported.

Accident in intersection of Sixth and Filbert streets
Derek Bryce Ailor, 18, of 1533 Sherwood Drive, in Newport, was traveling east on Sixth Street in a 1991 Honda Accord, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, when he pulled out from a stop into the path of a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice driven by Trevor Andrew Stewart, 25, of 351 Jasmine Drive, in Newport, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.

Accident at Mims Avenue and East Broadway
Gail F. Hemminger, 78, of 521 Summit Drive, in Newport, said he was backing out of a parking space onto Mims Avenue, on Thursday, Oct. 15, and backed into the driver side door of a 1998 Nissan Altima driven by David W. Williamson, 40, of 1266 Sunrise Drive, in Newport, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Hit and run in parking lot
Stephanie D. Livesay, 42, of 2929 Bee Carter Road, in Dandridge, said she parked her car at the Golden Dynasty, at 119 Western Plaza Drive, in Newport, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at about 11 a.m., and when she returned about three hours later, she discovered someone had hit the passenger side door of her 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Accident on West Broadway at Douglas Avenue
April R. Blazer, 20, of 116 Apple Valley Way, in Newport, said she had slowed or stopped for a red traffic light on West Broadway, at Douglas Avenue, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, in a 1998 Honda Civic. Michael W. Owenby, 47, of 420 Terrace Way, in Newport, was driving a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue, did not react in time, and struck the Honda Civic in the rear end. He told Sgt. David Smith that something flew into his eye before the collision, and when he looked up, he was too close to Blazer's vehicle.

Accident on Cosby Highway
Teresa D. Giles, 48, of Suddleston Drive, in Cosby, said that she was headed south on Cosby Highway in a 1996 Dodge Stratus on Friday, Oct. 16, at about 6:25 a.m., when Andrianna R. Vargas, 20, of Apricot Road, in Cosby, pulled out in a 1990 Toyota Camry from the Family Market/BP station parking lot onto Cosby Highway. Both vehicles collided, Deputy Sheriff Brian Holt reported. Vargas was injured and transported by Allied ambulance service to Baptist Hospital of Cocke County.

Fight involves two women
Alicia Wright, 28, of Little Hollow Way, said that an acquaintance came to her home on Friday, Oct. 16, and started fighting her in the front yard. The suspect allegedly hit Wright in the nose with her fist, causing her nose to bleed. She also hit her in the mouth. They "scuffled a little bit" and then the suspect left in her car, Lt. Rick Laws reported.

Pawn transaction violation
Jeffrey H. Stuart, 37, of 735 Stuart Road, in Newport, was arrested Thursday, Oct. 15, at Lucky Pawn, located at 321 West Broadway, and charged with violation of record of pawn transaction. Det. Donna Hopkins wrote "on several occasions I have asked the employees of Lucky Pawn to make their pawn slips legible and to record all serial numbers and model numbers on items that have them. Lucky Pawn continues to leave information off of the pawn tickets." Stuart is an employee of Lucky Pawn and completes the majority of pawn tickets, according to Hopkins' report.

Other pawn shop violation
Kathy A. Sisk, 27, of 121 Clevenger Cut Off, in Newport, was arrested at Newport Pawn, at 511 West Broadway, in Newport, on Thursday, Oct. 15, Det. Donna Hopkins reported. Sisk was charged with violation of pawn shop prohibited actions. Sisk allegedly accepted a pawn (a 21-inch gold chain) on Aug. 29 from a 15-year-old male without checking his ID at the time of the transaction. No one under 18 is permitted to pawn or sell property to a pawn shop. Hopkins wrote, "Sisk was acting on behalf of Newport Pawn." Newport Pawn has received a copy of the laws regarding pawn shops, the report stated.

Two people arrested

Curio cabinet reported stolen
Charles Owensby, 57, of 554 Freeman, in Newport, said that on Sunday, Oct. 11, someone stole a wooden curio cabinet containing eight glass goblets and a wine container from his home, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported. Owensby named a suspect.

Cocker Spaniel stolen
Darla Harris, 24, of 539 8th St., in Newport, said someone stole her Cocker Spaniel dog around midnight on Saturday, Oct. 10, while it was tied up outside on the porch, Patrolman William Garber reported. The dog was valued at $2,99.
It was described as five years old, blonde with a little bit of white on its chest area, and pink on its head where Harris' daughter had used a pink marker.

Counterfeit $20 bill?
Amy Wesley, 42, of North Street, in Newport, allegedly tried to pay at the register at the Quick Stop 32 gas station on West Broadway with a counterfeit $20 bill. Officers observed that the correct markings were on the bill and the metal strip there, but a clerk who marked the bill indicated it was counterfeit. The bill was confiscated and placed into evidence at the Newport Police Department, Patrolman Ricky Parton reported.

Theft of food stamp card
Tanya Smith, 46, of Whitson Drive, in Newport, said when she returned home on Thursday, Oct. 8, she noticed her food stamp card was not in her wallet, Patrolman William Garber reported. It was valued at $317.

Accident on College Street
Gerlean S. Hembree, 63, of 370 Shelton Road, in Newport, said she was backing out of a parking space in a 2002 Chrysler Concorde and did not see a 2007 Chevrolet behind her in the parking lot of the Newport Grammar School on College Street, on Monday, Oct. 12, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported. Both vehicles suffered minor damage. Marsha Elaine Ball, 30, of 403 Lennon Circle, in Newport, said that she had stopped in traffic and was waiting on her child when her vehicle was struck.

Two counterfeit $5 bills at Walmart
Walmart Manager Rebecka Gorenflo reported that she was counting money from Oct. 8 registers deposits when she found two $5 bills that did not have magnetic strips and that marked as counterfeit with a detecting pen, Lt. Terry Lawson reported.

Theft over $1,000
Lloyd Gorman, 68, of Duncan Street, in Newport, said that on either Friday, Oct. 9, or Saturday, Oct. 10, someone stole three guns and other items, including a safe with $550, from his 2006 Pontiac Gran and home, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported. The guns were each valued at $200. A Citizen watch worth $125 was also reported stolen.

Counterfeit money given out at Walmart
Becca Gorenflo of Walmart, at 1075 Cosby Highway, said that on Sunday, Oct. 11, a customer who had used his debit card to purchase some items and got $20 in cash back returned to the store after an employee at Subway allegedly advised that the $20 bill was counterfeit. A cashier on register 5 at Walmart confirmed she had given the bill to the customer from her drawer, Patrolman Donald Coakley reported.

Theft under $500
Frankie Fraley, 40, of Driskell Circle, in Newport, reported that someone stole her Huscavara weed eater valued at $100 on Saturday, Oct. 10, from her porch, Patrolman Amy Elswick reported.

Counterfeit $20 bill
Food City Gas-N-Go East head cashier Cathy Bugg said a 17-year-old and her mother tried to buy gas with a counterfeit $20 bill on Saturday, Oct. 10, Patrolman Matt Franklin reported.

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