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Monday, November 25, 2013
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Author: Miranda Smith
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

COSBY-Halloween masks have been placed aside once again, but cooling temperatures and the rustling of colorful leaves means there are several weeks of fall fun still to be had.  One Cocke County tradition that has been entertaining both locals and tourists for decades is a visit to Carver's Orchard and Applehouse. 

 Kyle Carver began planting and grafting his apple seeds back in the 1940's.  Presently the eighty acre estate that houses some 40,000 different apple trees lies in the hands of his son Danny Ray Carver, a fifth generation grower in his family.  His wife. Irene, and daughters, Stacey and Danielle, have been by his side helping their father with the restaurant and orchard for years, making this local business one that has truly blossomed from family roots.

This season's crop has been quite favorable. "Apples like rain," says Danny Ray, and the soggy weather in past months has allowed the trees to bloom heavily.  The orchardís staff, which consists of more family members and close friends, began picking apples on June 20th and will continue into early November. Approaching winter months will not prevent the Carvers from working.  Workers are busy all year making apple butter, home-made cider, and will still have enough fruits and vegetables to continue selling throughout spring.

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