Saturday, November 09, 2013
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Author: Seth Butler
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

COSBY—While the Cosby High School Eagles will break in some new faces this year, there will be an experienced face on the sideline once again for the team.

Brad Flatford will return to the bench, while also serving the school as principal, for the third time at the helm of the Cosby Eagles this season. Flatford led the Eagles from 2000-2005 and 2006-2011, in between a one-year stint at Knox Carter.

He replaces John Marsh, who coached the squad for two years, after Flatford resigned the position in June 2011 after being named school principal.

“It’s kind of reenergized me a little bit,” Flatford said. “It’s been good to get out there with the players and staff and work with them and I look forward to it everyday.”

The work is cut out for the Eagles this year as the team is replacing four starters from last year’s opening night lineup. Junior Jordan Self is the team’s only returning starter, with only a handful of reserves getting playing time last season.

“With the guys we’ve got coming back, some are experienced and some aren’t - so it’s going to be interesting from night to night,” Flatford said. “I’m not sure what we’ll see, there might be some growing pains early in the year, due to the fact some guys haven’t played as much together, but as the season goes on and guys get more comfortable playing as a unit, we will improve.

“There may be some bumps in the road early, but as the season goes on, we’ll get better,” Flatford said. “That’s the main thing.”

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