Friday, September 20, 2013
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

Dear Editor:


            Anyone who wants to see a really good show should go see the Hatfield and McCoys show in Pigeon Forge. I daresay it is the best one in the area.

            There is a lot of clogging and the dancers are really good, especially two young men who are downright amazing.

            There is a pretty young girl in red that simply steals the show, and she can yodel.

            We especially enjoyed a part where she and another girl sang parts of some old-timey hymns that many of us remembered from childhood, and to go with it were two huge photos on the wall of a baptism. It was enough to make you cry.

            There was also a big fat grandma-type woman to make you laugh.

            The hand-to-hand fighting between the two groups was well done, and the M.C. was good.

            There were three of us and we all agreed that the show was the most entertained we have ever been in our life.


            Thank you,

            Iva Prince


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