Friday, July 26, 2013
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Dear Editor,


My name is Leasia Reece, and I have been handicapped for two years. I have never experienced how bad other people treat handicapped people, and there are a lot of us. You get pushed, shoved out of the way, knocked down, or if you are standing in any line, all you hear is how slow you are, they blow and huff and puffed, and usually cuss also. They call you horrible names. And when you try to walk the crosswalk or in a wheelchair, the people sometimes call you a name or "can't you go any faster," some do not stop at all.

Parking is very scarce. Example: I try to go later in the evening, but if you fo late, you can find parking. So when I was done shopping, they told me the far doors are closed, and I parked closer to lawn and garden. So I have to pull a buggy with a crutch on one side, a brace on the other side, plus my purse. And also there were a bunch of kids close to the gas station with loud music and hollering, and I am the only car parked towards the garden center. It really gives you a scare.

My point is that I would never have guessed in a million years that handicapped were treated on a scale that goes past the bottom. So with all that being said I truly, truly bow to all of you! And it would be nice if there was a police, sheriff, anybody of authorities. Slow down and be nice to handicapped. We are people too.


Leasia Reece

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