Friday, July 26, 2013
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Dear Editor,


Our constables have the right to enforce the law anywhere in the state. Why didn't our CLB know this?

Mayor Vaughn Moore stated, "You could abolish their police powers." Let me thank Mayor Moore on behalf of the criminals. Criminals would revel in victory if there were seven less law enforcement officers.

CLB Commissioner Phil Killion asked Constable Whitten how much it would impact constables if their power to write tickets was taken away.

I feel Mr. Killion should ask the citizens, include the survivors, how do they feel since they lost their loved ones because of someone speeding or driving drunk?

CLB's Lonnie Ottinger said, "They need to be out there catching thieves."

Our constables do watch for everything and are doing a great job covering our vast county. Anyone speeding or driving drunk is far more dangerous than a thief.

The CLB never has enough money to meet the financial requests from our various departments.

A constable makes $22.50 per ticket, after the fine is paid. One constable made $1,000 for the month; the revenue our county received was $30,000.

Don't forget our constables furnish their own transportation, insurance, vehicle maintanance and fuel.

The same week Mayor Moore made his comment about abolishing the constables' powers, another sheriff took pro-active action towards crime. A half-a-day's training with the sheriff's department enables volunteers to legally write tickets. This helps free up deputies to focus on serious crime.

Where do I sign up?


Cynthia Hart

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