Friday, July 26, 2013
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

Dear Editor,


I would like to respond to discussions between Mr. Ford and Norman Smith about the county's quarry operations. I have spent 43 years in highway construction and operation quarries. This should make me able to do this. There is not one county quarry operation in the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. In fact, no surrounding county operates a quarry except Jefferson County and Greene County, which is the largest in the state with the most county highway mileage only has 27 county highway employees. Claibourne County is about the same as Cocke County in size and population, and has a total of 25 employees. Neither one has a quarry. It appears to me that so much money is spent on payroll that there is no money left for paving.

The more money the county gets, the worse the roads become. It is time for the county commissioners to look at other options.


Gordon Denton

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