Friday, July 26, 2013
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Dear Editor:


As it nears time for Cocke County to review budget proposals and issue a new budget for the coming year, the discussion on the budget for the highway department and roads is sure to be a hot item. 

The property owners in the county are the ones who are taking on the tax burden for all the people in the county, and it is a heavy burden. I know that last year there was lengthy discussion on the possibility of a wheel tax. I would like to see the county commissioners set up a panel to come up with a solution by thinking out of the box.

The idea that I came up with was to add an additional 2 cents per gallon of gas that is sold in Cocke County. On 10 gallons of gas this would only amount to 20 cents. By implementing this type of solution you would not only receive monies from the residents of Cocke County, but from anyone who purchased gas no matter what county or state in which they reside. This would help Cocke County more than any local tax. 

In conclusion I propose that the commissioners review this suggestion and if needed select a committee to brain storm on additional possible solutions.


Stacy Dalton


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