Friday, July 19, 2013
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Author: Duay O'Neil
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-As the 2013-2014 school year approaches, and students ready their wardrobes for the coming year, Cocke County High School officials have released the school's dress code.

"This announcement is made to help students and parents as they shop for school clothes for this year," said Gail Burchette, CCHS Vice-Principal, "and is intended to answer any questions they might have about what is and is not acceptable attire for our school."

The dress code breaks down into 17 specific points.

Shirts/blouses must not be cut below the normal armpit and must not come below the top of the breasts. All shirts/blouses must reach below the top of the pants or skirt when standing (no skin showing when standing).

Shirts/blouses must have sleeves. Halter, midriff, or tank tops are not permitted. The student is in violation of this code if ANY AMOUNT of cleavage is visible.

Students may wear shorts that have either a seven (7) inch inseam or are no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.

Opaque tights and/or leggings (opaque tights/leggings are not transparent: skin color is unable to be detected) may be worn beneath skirts and dresses, but skirts and dresses must be fingertip length. Skirts and dresses worn without opaque leggings or tights may be no more than four (4) inches above the knee.

Bike shorts are not permitted. Pajamas are not permitted, nor are house slippers permitted as acceptable shoes.

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