Friday, July 19, 2013
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Dear Editor,


I was born in Newport, Tenn. in 1923. My father was Ted Roadman, the editor, owner, and publisher of your newspaper. In 1932, we moved to Carson Springs. In 1943, I joined the U.S. Army, and in February 1944, I was commissioned as a second lieutenant and awarded pilot's wings. In the summer of 1944, I received transition training on the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and was made aircraft commander of a 10-man crew whose average age was 20 years. We flew a new bomber to England and flew with the 401st Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force. My crew was the youngest crew bombing Germany from England. We completed 35 missions together, and none of my crew received any injuries.

This year, I have published a book titled, "A Combat Nightmare in WWII," ISBN 9781484911846. This book may be ordered from me for $20, which includes postage paid.

My book includes a brief review of man's first flights in balloons in Pairs in 1783, subsequent flights in lighter-than-air vehicles and heavier-than-air aircrafts. Basically, however, my books is a biography of my life when I was a boy in Cocke County, Tenn., my training to become a bomber pilot, and a review of my combat missions over Nazi Germany.


Julian A. Roadman

Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired

2000 South Lakeline Boulevard

Apartment 616

Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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