(c)2013 NPT PHOTO BY NELSON MORAIS Two new Newport Police Department cruisers collided early Tuesday morning leaving one of the drivers with a "possible injury", according to a report with the Cocke County Sheriff's Department.
Thursday, July 18, 2013
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Author: Nelson Morais
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-Newport Police Department Patrolman Will Garber, 34, suffered a "possible injury" when another patrolman driving a police cruiser hit the cruiser Garber was in while both were headed west on U.S. Highway 25/70 near McMahan Avenue, in downtown Newport, on Tuesday, July 16, just after midnight, the Cocke County Sheriff's Department reported.

Both Garber and Patrolman Adam Lawson, 30, were transported to Newport Medical Center emergency room for mandatory drug screens, as required by the Newport Police Department, the report by Lt. C.J. Ball of the CCSD reported.

Garber was allegedly stopped in the west travel lane on U.S. Highway 25/70 when Lawson in a police cruiser behind him rear-ended the cruiser Garber was in, on July 16 at 12:02 a.m., according to the report.

Garber told Lt. Ball he noticed a white SUV at the First Baptist Church parked in a parking slot on the highway, blinking their lights. He said he stopped his cruiser in his travel lane to see if the SUV occupant(s) needed assistance.

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