Tuesday, July 09, 2013
(Last modified: 2013-07-09 10:17:40)
Author: Rick Hooper
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-Citing cost concerns, members of the Cocke County Legislative Body's Landfill Committee voted Monday evening to leave the controversial Parrottsville Convenience Center at its current location.

The Town of Parrottsville had asked the county to move the center, which is currently located next to a proposed ballpark development. Parrottsville Mayor Mary Keller previously stated the stink from the dumpsters at the convenience center, green flies, and even rats prohibit local officials from completing construction of the ball park on the site, including seeding the field, paving a road, and completing fencing around the ballpark.

Parrottsville's board of mayor and aldermen voted at a called meeting last month to purchase one acre of land on Allen's Chapel Road for $12,000, and to move the convenience center to that location. The town also voted to provide $5,000 toward the relocation effort. In a letter to Landfill Committee Chairman Clayton "Skip" Ellison, the town gave the county 10 days to respond to the offer. That deadline ended June 27; however, Ellison said Tuesday that a meeting of the Landfill Committee could not be organized within the 10-day time limit.

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