Friday, June 07, 2013
(Last modified: 2013-06-07 19:51:27)
Author: Nelson Morais
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

PARROTTSVILLE-Parrottsville City Council members approved, on first reading, a 2013-2014 fiscal year budget that goes into effect July 1, if approved on a second reading later this month, at their monthly meeting held Thursday, June 6.

The new fiscal year budget projects $152,190 in new revenue, and the same amount in general fund expenditures. It also has a projected "carryover" general fund balance from the current fiscal year of $186,790.

Mayor Keller said the budget calls for an additional office person to be used to add two half-day shifts for a receptionist at Town Hall so that it is open to the public more than the present eight hours a week.

She said, "We've received complaints that we're only open eight hours a week." She said in a follow-up phone interview on Friday, June 7, that a decision to add an employee had not been reached, but she wanted the funds in place in case the City Council does decide to hire a receptionist to keep Town Hall open more hours.

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