PHOTO SUBMITTED Present for the Education Consumers Foundation ceremony recognizing Newport Grammar School Principal Sandra Burchette were, from left, Tiffany Clements (representing Education Consumers Foundation), Burchette, Linda Powell (Newport City School Board member), Jeremy Faison (State Representative).
Thursday, May 30, 2013
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT—Every parent wants their child to go to a school that does all it can to advance student learning, one that helps every single child “be all that they can be,” no matter their starting point.

On May 8, the Education Consumers Foundation, host of the Value-Added Achievement Awards, joined with parents, students, and staff at a ceremony to recognize Principal Sandra Burchette for her role in making Newport Grammar School one of the most effective schools in the state of Tennessee.

While attention is often paid to the importance of teachers, it is the principal who works behind the scenes to make great teaching possible, building a culture of excellence and supporting the efforts of teachers throughout the school. A 2012 study reported in Education Next found that highly effective principals raise the achievement of a typical student in their schools by between two and seven months of learning in a single school year; it is this kind of important but often unheralded work that the Foundation seeks to acknowledge.

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