PHOTO SUBMITTED Volunteers from Oak Ridge are shown recently making improvements to the Cosby Picnic Area as part of an ongoing effort between the Park and B&W Y-12.
Friday, May 17, 2013
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is appreciative of the work recently performed by volunteers from Oak Ridge, TN. The volunteers completed renovations at Cosby Picnic Area as part of an ongoing, 17-year volunteer partnership effort, “Help the Smokies”, developed between B&W Y-12 and the Park. 

Volunteers installed a set of steps, pathway, and an ADA accessible grill area. The group also refreshed the gravel surface of 35 picnic table sites and removed tree limbs and other debris from the entire picnic area. These much needed renovations and maintenance will benefit both visitors and local residents who enjoy the Cosby Picnic Area for years to come. 

“We appreciate the long-term commitment made by B&W Y-12 in support of this valuable partnership,” said Park Superintendent Dale Ditmanson. “The volunteers have consistently shown their care and understanding for the preservation of the Park through their continued hard work and generosity.” 

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