(c)2013 NPT PHOTO BY RICK HOOPER Cocke County Sheriff Armando Fontes speaks about issues with the jail at Thursday's County Corrections Partnership meeting.
Friday, April 19, 2013
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Author: Rick Hooper
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-Cocke County Legislative Body members got an overview of multiple deficiencies plaguing the Cocke County Jail and Courthouse during a meeting of the Cocke County Corrections Partnership on Thursday.

County Corrections Partnership Coordinator Bob Bass and Jim Hart of CTAS outlined current issues in the jail for those present.

"I'm thankful for them coming," said Cocke County Sheriff Armando Fontes. "We run with what the county gives us. We have two facilities we try to keep running. Bob and Jim have been a big help."

"We are identifying challenges, and we will start a strategy plan," said Bass. "The taxpayers need to know that we need to do something. For the job the sheriff and his staff are doing, they deserve a round of applause."

Bass, however, made a PowerPoint presentation that revealed several issues in operation of the current jail, including overcrowding, inmate and staff safety, security concerns, lack of staffing, and lack of space.

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