Friday, December 28, 2012
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Dear Editor:


This week at the soup kitchen, I've seen the abundant generosity of our community: bikes and toys for children, on the Angel Trees; turkeys, hams, fruit, candy, and ice cream for the needy; money to purchase supplies for meals, for the hungry; and, people, who volunteered their time, at Feed My Sheep. Each donation was a blessing and was used to glorify Jesus Christ, whose birth is the reason, for celebrating every day. However, out of all of these tremendous gifts, there is one, that I will remember and share, for the rest of my life.

In a booth, a young couple, unknown to me, sat finishing the last of their meal. As I wished them a Merry Christmas, they shared there desire, to make a donation. They told of being homeless, living in their truck, coming to the soup kitchen, and, talking and praying with the pastor, Dayton Livingston. Soon after, God had blessed them and now, they wanted to give back to Him. I saw that they still had so little and sent them away without accepting the funds. I explained that their gratitude and thankfulness to God was their true gift.

After running an errand, I returned, to the soup kitchen, and was glad, to see 2 bags of cornmeal and a box of coffee. We were out of cornmeal, low on coffee, and still had more meals, to prepare. I saw the pastor and told him the story of the thankful young couple. As he listened, a smile came across his face, and then, he told how the couple, undeterred by me, went to the grocery and returned with 2 bags of cornmeal and a box of coffee.

Two bags of cornmeal and a box of coffee — the second best Christmas gift of my life and eclipsed only by God, who gave me the best!


Rama Brunswick


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