PHOTO SUBMITTED Eugene Gilliland Dougherty, standing second from left, is flanked by his newly-found brothers and sisters from Newport. Seated in Lacy, Jr. Gilliland. Standing from left are Nancy Ann Gilliland Driskill, Eugene Gilliland Dougherty, Isaac Eugene Gilliland, and Frances Ailene Gilliland Webb.
Monday, December 24, 2012
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Author: Duay O'Neil
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-A Newport family has a very special Christmas present this year. They recently found a long-lost brother.

Newport resident Frances Webb had been searching for an older half-brother separated from the family decades ago.

"A few weeks ago I was doing some research on our family genealogy," said Webb, "and came across Eugene's birth certificate. Now I had actual proof of not only his existence, but the exact date and place of his birth."

Eugene was born in 1949 in Gaston County, North Carolina, the child of an earlier marriage by the Gilliland family's father, Lacy Gilliland.

"As children growing up, our mother, Nancy Gilliland, had told us we had a brother living in North Carolina, but we just didn't know where. Daddy confirmed this story through our brother, Lacy, Jr., who was then a small boy.

"Lacy, Jr. remembered Daddy taking him to the railroad tracks one day to watch a train pass by and remembered Daddy telling him, 'You have a brother and some day we're going to get on that train and I'm going to take you to see him."

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