Thursday, November 08, 2012
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Author: Staff Report
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

The 2012 version of the Newport Plain Talk Football Contest was a dead heat down to the final week.
Entering the final week, 24 contestants of the 87 that have played this year were within five games
of the lead.

After another hotly contested week, the final standings came to down a tiebreaker.

Three players, Andy Chrisman, AC Willis and Kenny Eisenhower - who have been in a dead heat for
the top of the charts every week, all finished the week 8-2. Those results were enough to ward off any other challengers and they all finished in a tie for the lead with an 80-20 overall record.

Chrisman won the grand prize, a free Blu Ray DVD player from Movie Time Video of Newport, by virtue of being within 42 points off the total number of points (635) of all 10 games in the final week.
Willis finished second in the standings, as he was 77 points off of the 635 total. By finishing in second place, Willis will receive a $100 gift certificate from The Collectible Company of Morristown, which was the 1st Prize Award in the contest.

Eisenhower was 151 points off of the 635 point total and as a result finishes in third place. For finishing third, he receives a $50 gift certificate from Poe's Sport Center of Newport the 2nd Prize Award in the contest.

Behind the trio atop the standings, seven others finished one game back with a 79-21 season record. David Shelton, Lance Traywick, Herbie Keller, Regina Lindsey, Justin Shelton, David Bible and Darrin Costner were all log jammed for a tie and jousting for a place among the four remaining finishers that receive a prize.

Traywick came away as the victor in the tiebreaker and as a result receives the 3rd Prize Award, a $50 gift certificate from The Jewelry Showroom in Newport. Traywick was just 19 points off of last week's 635 point total used for tie breaking purposes.

Justin Shelton finished as the 4th Prize Award winner, which is a $50 gift certificate from Monterrey Mexican Restaurant of Newport. Shelton was 52 points off of last week's 635 point total.

David Bible was the next winner as he received the 5th Prize Award, a $50 gift card from Subway Restaurant of Newport. Bible was 73 points off of the tiebreaker total.

Regina Lindsey rounded out the top finishers as she claimed the sixth prize, a free quick oil and lube courtesy of Stinnett Automotive Group in Newport. Lindsey was 87 points off of the tiebreaker total.

"Congratulations to all of the winners in the football contest this year," Newport Plain Talk sports editor Seth Butler said. "This was one of our tightest races ever, with a number of individuals who were right on the cusp of winning.

"As always, we thank you for playing," Butler said. "We hope you play again next year and please let our sponsors know how much you enjoy our ever-popular contest."

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