Friday, October 05, 2012
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

We all know the anxieties of driving late at night on a Friday or Saturday. The fact that there's an increased chance of impaired drivers on those nights heightens our awareness.

Well, let me enlighten you about perhaps even as equally dangerous a demographic set of drivers who aren't drunk or drug induced. They are the God Squad. These are the drivers who pull out of church parking lots every Sunday between noon and 1 p.m. I've had to actually stop on the highway as they file out. Do they have some special entitlement to disregard the law just because they're coming out of church? Did the sermon they hear give them a guilt trip, which turned into road rage? Was it the thought of not being first in line at their favorite restaurant? Whatever the reason, these chariots of fire need to be tamed before someone gets killed.

Might be tax money well spent if city or county law could observe this driving insanity some Sunday, to pull over and ticket these unsafe drivers might make them appreciate what being blessed really is.


L.G. Mayes

Dandridge, TN

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