Friday, October 05, 2012
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Dear Editor,


Mr. Tindall, I agree with you about the CLB members. I think it is crazy to be allowed to vote yourself a raise. I wish I could. We are retired, and our check doesn't allow for a raise.

The CLB members just voted in a new tax raise, which is going to cost us $400 more on our property taxes. This amount comes out of our check. I am like you all. These top dollar amounts that they say they are collecting from tax revenue, where do they go? They put a large property tax on us then they spend it giving everyone a raise.

People who are retired cannot keep paying larger amounts of taxes just because someone in Cocke County wants a raise. People like Don Hurst, who left Cocke County one time, is brought back with this big pay check attached to him.

Those who would even think about a wheel tax must be completely out of their mind. They have no respect for themselves or anyone else. This is the problem with our county now.

I say collect the past due taxes from the people who are not paying and are way past due. Our county is broke and this will be the same story for next year. We need new CLB members.

Please people, get out and run to be a CLB member. It is time for a change-a big change. These people do not know or do not care how poor people live (middle class people-a good kind of person).


Betty Lane

Newport, TN

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