Thursday, October 04, 2012
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Author: Caleb Chrisman
Source: The Newport Plain Talk

COSBY-It's not often that Cocke County and Cosby meet against each other in any sport, but they did so on Wednesday in volleyball.

The Lady Red won in three straight games: 25-20, 25-15, 25-14.

Cosby showed some tenacity though as they grabbed the early lead in the first game and put up a fight throughout the match.

Cocke County head coach Kelly Kitzmiller was quick to give the Lady Eagles credit.

"Cosby played really well and I think (head coach Lisa Coffey) has done a really good job," Kitzmiller said. "They have the same issue we do though - that little contagious thing. You make an error and then you keep going down and just can't get back up."

Kitzmiller was also impressed with her teams performance following a tough loss to Morristown West on Tuesday.

"I tried to get everyone in tonight. My seniors played really well. I thought we played really good as a team," Kitzmiller said.

And even in the loss, Coffey was proud of her team for the way they battled.

"We're playing much better as a team and getting along much better," Coffey said. "Today I just think they got tired and when they got tired, it's just hard to focus. When they got tired, they just kind of quit playing as a team."

"We kept up with (Cocke County) though. As a single A school, there aren't many single A teams. For a single A school to pretty much stay with them, that's pretty good. It's just, we get so down and so hard on ourselves, but we forget that we play mainly 2A and 3A schools. We just need to realize that all that matters is our region games."

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