(c)2012 NPT PHOTO BY KATIE PITTSER Haley Ivey, Taylor Livesay, and Samantha Abrahamson, left to right respectively, received the first "Red Rooster Awards" Tuesday from CCHS Principal Dr. Marvin Stewart, right, for volunteering to help with Saturday School.
Thursday, September 20, 2012
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Source: The Newport Plain Talk

NEWPORT-A new award is being given out at Cocke County High School, and students can receive it any time.

The "Red Rooster Award" is small, but can have a big impact on student behavior and motivation.

"It may just be a bag of M&M's candy, but it is something small enough for me to carry in my pocket so I can give them out whenever I see a student doing something good," said Dr. Marvin Stewart, CCHS Principal. "I had the red M&M's personalized to say 'Red Rooster.' They are in small, plastic bags with that sticker that basically says, 'Hey, you did something great today.'

"This is something new we want to try as a way to begin working on positive reinforcement outside of the classroom. Teachers have their own things to reward good behavior and deeds in the classroom, but this is something I can do when I am walking down the hall."

The first-ever Red Rooster Awards were handed out Tuesday to three Beta Club students, Haley Ivey, Taylor Livesay, and Samantha Abrahamson, who volunteered Saturday for "Saturday School."

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