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Theft over $500

Darrell Victor Harvey, 23, of 646 Layman Circle, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 22 and charged with theft over $500, Chief Det. Robert Caldwell reported. Harvey allegedly stole a 1955 Ford truck and 60 pieces of roofing tin on Nov. 4 from Marlene Huff's property on Franklin Road in Del Rio, then sold them to Morristown Shredder, Inc., in his name.


Violation of probation

Sherry R. Shelton, 29, of 653 Eighth St., was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with violation of probation, Sgt. Daniel Conard reported. He was convicted of theft under $500 on June 21.


Child abuse or neglect by domestic assault

Michael Shane Hill, 39, of 345 Snow Hollow Road, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 20 and charged with child abuse or neglect by domestic assault, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported.


Burglary and theft over $1,000

James Michael Shelton, 35, of 2221 Smelcher Road, in Parrottsville, was arrested Nov. 21, and charged with burglary and theft over $1,000, Det. Bryan Murr reported. Shelton was charged with the Aug. 11 burglary of a storage building on the property of Troy Fox. The value of property taken from the storage building during that burglary is valued at $4,695. He is also charged in connection with the theft of copper wiring owned by Bobby Erby of Erby Contractors is Michael Shane Waldroup, 30, of 610 River St., in Newport.


Failure to appear

Cecilia Lashea Rodriguez, 24, of 1204 Fine St., was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with failure to appear, Sgt. Eric Rinehart reported.


Domestic aggravated assault (three charges)

William Hensley, 59, of 608 Momma's Way, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 20, and charged with domestic aggravated assault (three charges), Deputy Sheriff Robert Thornton reported. Hensley reportedly got into an argument with three people, who, when they tried to leave his residence and get into their cars, were allegedly shot at by Hensley 10-12 times with a .22 Ruger handgun.


Theft under $500

Robbie Shane Bateman, 33, of 1834 Shady Grove Road, in Sevierville, was arrested Nov. 17 and charged with theft under $500, Det. Bryan Murr reported. Bateman allegedly pumped $51.50 worth of gasoline at the Hartford Citgo, and then drove off without paying. He was also charged with a separate theft under $500 for allegedly pumping gasoline from Cosby Family Grocery, on Nov. 13, and then driving off without paying for it.


Theft under $500

Willie Fox, of 582 Jim Town Road, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 17, and charged with theft under $500, Det. Bryan Murr reported.


Accident on Holt Town Road

Chassity M. Belcher, 22, of Hill Road, in Newport, said she was driving a 2002 Dodge on Nov. 18, down Holt Town Road, at Point Pleasant Road, when a dog ran out in front of her vehicle and she hit it on the front end of the right side of her vehicle, Deputy Sheriff Danny Hartsell reported.


Accident on Knob Creek Road

Lana Sue Holt, 60, of Glendale Road, in Bybee, said that on Nov. 17, she was traveling south on Knob Creek Road, in a 2009 Pontiac G3, when a deer came into her lane of travel, and she struck it with her vehicle.


Tree falls on MG in middle of the night

Dennis L. Reck, of Incline Way, in Cosby, said that on Nov. 17, at about 4:30 a.m., he heard a loud noise outside his residence, went outside to investigate, and found a large tree had fallen on top of his 1977 MG Roadster, according to Deputy Sheriff Randy Hartsell.


Break-in reported

Joann Allen, 37, of Camber Drive, in Newport, said that on Nov. 20, sometime between 2 and 4 p.m., someone broke into her residence. Jewelry with a value over $2,000 was stolen during the break-in, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Stolen Glock handgun recovered

A black Glock 40-caliber handgun reported stolen to the Cocke County Sheriff's Department on Feb. 25 was recovered in Gwinnett County, Ga., on Nov. 22. The handgun was allegedly used in several home invasion robberies, according to Paul Navas with the Gwinnett County District Attorney General's office, Chief Det. Robert Caldwell reported.


Telephone harassment

Alton Ray White, Jr., 50, of Greystone Way, in Newport, said he was told if he visited an acquaintance, two other acquaintances would burn White's house down, Sgt. Brian Holt reported. White stated he is in fear for his life and property.


Aggravated burglary

Preston Baxter, 43, of Wonder Lane, in Newport, said that on Nov. 18, someone entered his residence and stole his medication, Sgt. Brian Holt reported.


Theft of gun

John David Clark, 55, of Grassy Fork Road, in Hartford, named four possible suspects who may have stolen his .357 Smith & Wesson gun on Nov. 20 while he was cooking deer meat, Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported. The gun is valued at $500, and the shoulder holster, at $100.


Aggravated burglary

Jason Gorrell, 39, of Homewood Way, said that while he was in the hospital on Nov. 21, someone entered his home and stole a 20 gauge pump camo shotgun with a value of $230, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported.


Theft reported

Bobby Erby, 58, of Lower Quarry Road, said video at his business showed that on Nov. 21, someone pulled up a truck to his business and loaded three rolls of electrical wire in the truck's bed. Sgt. Daniel Conard and Det. Bryan Murr recovered two of the rolls of wire at a suspect's residence and returned them to the owner, Erby. The total amount of electrical wire stolen is valued at $11,000.


Theft reported

Jeff Hale, 41, of Chock Cherry Lane, in White Pine, said someone broke into his outdoor shed and stole some outdoor furniture from a deck, on Nov. 20, at his property on Thorn Road, in Newport, Deputy Sheriff Josh Hall reported. The seven-piece lawn furniture is valued at $800; a yellow tri-pod light, at $75; a step stool, at $40; an outdoor rug, at $100; and a birdbath, at $40.


Theft of TV and DVD

Josh White, 23, of Canal Way, in Newport, said someone entered his residence on Nov. 19, and stole various items, including three Dewalt lights (with a value of $400), a Blu-Ray DVD player ($375), and three Dewalt drills ($375), Deputy Sheriff Tony Bailey reported.


Vandalism reported

Sarah Lawson, 72, of Old Parrottsville Highway, stated that sometime between Nov. 19 and Nov. 22, someone cut the wires on her heat pump and also damaged the heat pump, which is valued at about $5,000, Lt. Rick Laws reported.


Theft reported

Sgt. Daniel Conard reported that a man identified simply as "Mr. Ledford" returned home on Nov. 20 to find someone had broken into his residence. Items stolen include a red Lincoln 220 wire welder ($1,800), a red Craftsman toolbox with assorted tools ($1,800), a Kobalt air compressor ($1,000), a small set of Lincoln torches ($600), and a Craftsman table saw ($600).


Theft of property

Sam Gilliam, 38, of Tedder Drive, said that on Nov. 21, he had permission to leave his lawn mower trailer on the property on Long Avenue until he could come back and get it, Constable Roger Henderson reported. However, he said when he returned for it, the trailer was gone.


Vandalism reported

Sarah R. Evans, 43, of Kerr Street, in Dandridge, said she was traveling east on West Highway 25/70, just after she crossed into Cocke County, on Nov. 22, when she heard something hit her windshield, Lt. Ricky Holt reported. Evans said she drove to the 411 Citgo and discovered her windshield had been hit at the upper part with what looked like a large object.


Harassment alleged

Richard Huff, 53, of Angel Way, in Newport, said on Nov. 14 that people who live in the area of his residence have caused him problems by cursing him and threatening him on a daily basis, Sgt. C.J. Ball reported.


Burglary reported

James Stephens, 22, of Carson Springs Road, in Newport, said that on Nov. 21, someone broke into his residence and stole several items, including an Xbox 360 (valued at $250); a game called the Sims 3, which belonged to Popcorn Video (A$60 value); and a hot pink digital camera with Sim card ($250 value), Sgt. C. J. Ball reported.


Burglary reported

Misty C. Robinson, 26, of Paw Paw Way, in Newport, said that when she returned home on Oct. 18, she discovered someone had broken into her residence and stolen several items, including a Gateway 2005 laptop computer (with a value of $500), two pink cluster rings (valued at $200), and a diamond ruby cluster ring valued at $200, Sgt. C. J. Ball reported. The damage to a door is estimated at $400.



Jennifer Lynn Simms, 38, of Valley Walk Way, in Cosby, said that someone broke into her residence on Nov. 22 and stole a blue Pantek cell phone, with a value of $250. Vandalism to a window is estimated at $75, Deputy Sheriff Danny Hartsell reported. Simms named a suspect.


Vandalism reported

Darrell Hall, of Newport Utilities, said that on Nov. 22, one or more suspects were stealing copper wire. Hall said they made contact with a high voltage cable, causing it to arc and burn. Hall said the perpetrator could also be injured because of the 7,680 volts and possible burns, Deputy Sheriff Travis Webb reported. The copper primary cable is valued at $40. The primary cable connectors (four of them), are valued at $300.


Theft reported

Lisa Ann Cole, 40, of Buckner Hollow Road, said that on Nov. 19, she saw an unspecified number of white males carrying a washer, dryer, and stove from the residence of Owen Sanders, located on the same street as her residence, Deputy Sheriff Randy Hartsell reported.


Theft of vehicle

Michael Ogle, 33, of Overlook Way, in Newport, said that sometime between 10 p.m. on Nov. 21, and 8 a.m., on Nov. 22, someone stole his 1996 Honda Accord that was parked in his driveway, Sgt. Brian Holt reported. Ogle said he left the keys to the Honda on the front seat of the vehicle.


Aggravated assault

Cameron Carmichael, 21, of Gilbert Street, in Parrottsville, said that on Nov. 19, while he was at Freddy's Lounge in Newport, another man was waving a blue bandanna and giving gang signs with his hands. Carmichael said that when a woman inside the bar tried to retrieve the bandanna, West allegedly swung at her. Carmichael also said that the suspect pulled a knife on him. Officers searched West and recovered a lock blade knife, as well as the discovery that West had no photo ID on him at the time. Officers who helped in the incident are Henry Casey, reserve deputy; and Constable Roger Henderson.


Harassment alleged

Jasmine Prevost, 18, of Elana Lane, in Newport, said an acquaintance has phoned and texted her on numerous occasions, leaving threatening messages on her phone about her and another acquaintance of hers, Sgt. C.J. Ball reported. Ball advised that Prevost could take out an arrest warrant on West if she can get proof he had called again.



Sharon D. Harland, 48, of Canal Way, in Newport, said that on Nov. 14, she let her nephew borrow her vehicle to do some business in North Carolina. She said on Nov. 21 that he had not yet returned her vehicle, a 2000 Buick. Harland also said Cash Express is the lien holder of her vehicle, Deputy Sheriff Heath Willis reported.


Disturbance reported

Irfanali Nisarali Momin, the manager of the Dairy Queen, on River Ridge Street, in Newport, said on Nov. 21 that two of his employees were taking money from the register drawers. The two employees denied stealing money and said the drawer was over, and not under, in the amount of cash, Constable Roger Henderson and Reserve Deputy Henry Casey reported.




Convicted sex offender arrested

In a police report released Monday, Nov. 22, the Newport Police Department said a convicted sex offender at the Halloween activities at Newport City Park on Oct. 30 was arrested and charged with violation of the Sex Offender Registry Law. Donnell E. Bruce, 36, of 505 Jim Town Road, in Newport was found at the park at the Halloween event, where there were hundreds of children present. The police department report stated that according to Tennessee state law, a convicted sex offender couldn't be at a Halloween event where children are present. Bruce reportedly said he was unaware of that specific part of the Sex Offender law. At the time of his arrest, Bruce was found in line with his two-year-old daughter and the child's mother. Police did not receive any complaints of inappropriate behavior by Bruce at the park.


Driving on a revoked license

Juan C. Silva, 28, of 3540 East Parkway, in Gatlinburg, was arrested Nov. 22 and charged with failure to dim lights and driving on a revoked license. A check of Silva's ID through Dispatch showed his license was revoked on Sept. 28, 2006, for a DUI, Patrolman Amy Elswick reported.


Possession of Schedule II drug with intent to resell

Richard E. Houvener, 60, of 112 Fox and Hounds Way, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 22 and charged with possession of Schedule II drug with intent to resell, Patrolman William Garber reported.


Possession of Schedule II drug

Zechariah W. Martin, 18, and Amy L. Nease, 18, both of 108 English St., were arrested Nov. 22, and charged with possession of Schedule II drug, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Capt. Brad Ball reported.


Counterfeit money

Jack Davis, of Walmart, at 1075 Cosby Highway, in Newport, said that on Nov. 19, a counterfeit $100 bill was passed at one of the registers. The bill was not notified until Nov. 22, Sgt. Stephen Higginbotham reported.


Stolen vehicle

Ronnie Cole, 55, of White Oak Avenue, in Newport, said that a 1989 Olds Cutlass went missing on Nov. 19. Cole said the approximate value of the vehicle is $1,500. He also said it had a toolbox with assorted tools (worth about $150), and assorted jewelry (worth about $250), Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.


Accident at Food City East

Bobby R. Williams, 73, of Valley Way, in Newport, said he was traveling up the aisle way of Food City East to park his 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. Harold V. Rollins, 63, of Green Acres Drive, in Newport, said he was backing his 2007 Toyota Tacoma, backing out of a parking place at the above business and did not see the Pontiac, Patrolman Travis Gorrell reported.


Violation of probation, capias bench warrant

John T. Witt, 32, of 379 Bridgefield Way, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 20, and charged with violation of probation and capias bench warrant, Capt. James Holt reported.


Domestic assault

Juanita Jones, 19, of 619 7th Street, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 21, and charged with domestic assault, Patrolman Robby McMahan reported.


Public intoxication

Jaron R. Shetley, 23, of 431 Highway 411, in Newport, was arrested Nov. 19 and charged with public intoxication, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported.


Public intoxication charge

Nicole Spears, 31, of 1925 Madison Way, in Del Rio, was arrested Nov. 18, and charged with public intoxication, Patrolman Amy Elswick reported.


Violation of probation

Jackson D. McGaha, 32, of 265 Clear Creek Road, in Bybee, was arrested. 17, and charged with violation of probation, Patrolman Joshua Veridal reported.


Theft over $10,000

Christopher Lafnear, 27, of Myers Circle, in Newport, said on Nov. 21 that he and Richard Preston returned home at 11:45 p.m. and found their front door was open. Items missing from the residence include a PlayStation 3 console (valued at about $300), miscellaneous PlayStation 3 games (about $500), Xbox 360 console (about $800), $1,450 in cash, an HP laptop (about $1,200), medication, a heart necklace (about $2,500), and a 24 karat gold necklace with a 3.2-inch cross (about $3,500). Property vandalized is valued at about $210. The total value of items stolen is $9,850.


Dog bite

Joshua Hempy, 18, of Overlook Way, in Newport, said he was walking on Melton Street on Nov. 20, when a pit bull dog allegedly came from the yard of a residence on Melton Street and bit Hempy on the back of his right leg, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported. Hempy had a bite wound that broke his skin on his leg. He was treated in the emergency room of Baptist Hospital of Cocke County. The dog was captured and taken to Newport Animal Shelter.


Breaking and entering of a vehicle

Leroy States, 46, of Maple Leaf Lane, in Newport, said that on Nov. 18 or Nov. 19 before 9 a.m., someone broke into his 2000 Ford Explorer SUV and stole a Snap-On cordless impact (with a value of $500) and a channel-lock ratchet set ($200 value), Patrolman Heather Lawson reported.


Theft over $500

Pamela Campbell, 46, of Rhea Street, in Newport, said several items were stolen from her residence between Oct. 14 and Nov. 19, Patrolman Heather Lawson reported. There are four suspects. Items stolen included a 10-inch Mintek DVD player with accessories (valued at $350), a car battery ($80), and various plus size clothes and lines ($150). The total value of stolen items is $585.



A woman who lives on Woodlawn Avenue said that on Nov. 19, she had argued with a man who was drinking, carrying a gun, and saying he would go to her residence, shoot out the windows, and assault her, Capt. Ronnie Landers reported.


Lost wallet

Whitney Lashea Shults, 18, of Robert E. Lee Drive, in Newport, said that on Nov. 21, at about 6:30 p.m., she found a wallet in the middle of the road on Woodlawn Avenue (Skid Row). The wallet had an ID, gift card, and one dollar and 17 cents in change, Patrolman Matthew Elliott reported.


Theft/vandalism over $1,000

David Ramsey, of West Highway 25/70, in Newport, showed police where someone had vandalized an electric utility pole, taking copper, between Friday evening on Nov. 19, and 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning, Nov. 22, Sgt. Stephen Higginbotham reported. Damage to the utility pole is valued at $180, the metering package ($900), and copper cable ($1,950), for a total value of $3,030.


Breaking and entering/theft over $500

Selena Haney, 32, of White Oak Avenue, in Newport, said that on Nov. 19 or Nov. 20 someone stole her 37-inch Vizio flat screen TV (with a value of $600). Damage to the window is estimated at $100, Patrolman William Garber reported.





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